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Ben, Bryan and the entire ABC team have been wonderful to work with at our home in Marietta. When purchasing a historic home, pests were a major concern for us. On our first morning in our home, we discovered a swarm of termites (which were undetected by two inspectors). ABC came out immediately and executed a game plan to get the pests under control. Having them on our team has eased our worrying entirely! If you're looking for professional, knowledgeable, kind-hearted individuals to do your pest control services, look no further!

- Laura H.
What happens during the free inspection?

One of ABC’s licensed inspectors will visit your home at a convenient day and time to conduct a thorough inspection of the premises, both inside and out. During the inspection process, the inspector will be able to:

  • Pinpoint the location of active pest infestations and related damage
  • Identify conditions conducive for pest infestations
  • Evaluate structural issues and sanitation issues that could contribute to pest infestations
  • Tailor a treatment and control program best suited for your home

Upon completion of the inspection, the inspector will thoroughly explain the findings, present you with a quote for service, and answer any questions you may have about treatment options.

Are the products you use friendly for pets and children?

The health and well-being of our customers—both human and animal—is our number one priority. For that reason, we use IPM (integrated pest management) and take an environmentally responsible approach to the treatment methods and the products that we use in and around your home.

We strive to take non-chemical measures whenever possible. When treatment products are needed, our mandate is to use the most environmentally and family friendly products available and to apply them responsibly. Our professionals will go over any concerns you may have.

How often do you service my house?

During the initial inspection, our licensed inspector will determine the probable number of treatments needed based on the severity of the pest infestation. Some problems may be taken care of with one service, while other issues made need follow-up measures.

We can also arrange regular pest control treatments throughout the year to ensure your home remains pest-free in every season. Typical treatments occur every other month.

What types of pests do you treat?

Our pest control services cover many types of crawling and flying insects, as well as rodents and other types of wildlife. When you call ABC, we’ll come to your home at a time that’s convenient for you, and perform an inspection to assess your situation. Then we’ll provide you with a customized treatment plan to ensure your home becomes—and remains—pest-free.


Ants are a prevalent pest in homes all across the United States. There are many different varieties in the Atlanta area, and it’s not uncommon for a home or yard to have an infestation consisting of multiple types. ABC Home & Commercial Services will be able to properly identify the species of ant you’re dealing with, allowing for a more efficient treatment plan.

Bees & Wasps

Bees and wasps can take up residence around your home and property without your knowledge, establishing their hives and nests before you discover them. Bees and wasps can cause painful stings and sensitive people can be highly allergic to them. Because these bugs are so important to the environment (bees pollinate, and wasps consume other pests), it’s recommended to have these types of stinging pests identified quickly and removed safely by a professional exterminator to avoid improperly disturbing the nests.


Georgia is home to many species of cockroaches that can take up residence in your home or on your property. Certain types are particularly invasive and difficult to get rid of, so proper identification and treatment is important. 

Fleas & Ticks

Flea and tick problems aren’t limited to homes with pets—anyone can be at risk for bringing these pests into their homes from the outdoors. Because fleas and ticks are immune to the effects of certain types of treatments, it’s important to have a professional exterminator assess your situation and provide a customized treatment plan. That way, you can be sure you’re truly eliminating your problem.


There are many types of spiders to be found in Atlanta-area homes. Most are harmless, but many can bite, and some are quite dangerous, and can pose a threat to you and your family. An ABC licensed inspector can inspect your home and determine what type of infestation you’re dealing with, and then provide you with the best possible treatment options.

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