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Atlanta Mosquito Control

Atlanta Mosquito Control - Mosquito Misting System by ABC Home & Commercial Services in AtlantaOf all the animals on earth, mosquitos may very well pose the greatest threat to man's health and existence. Diseases transmitted by mosquitos, such as malaria, west Nile virus, Yellow fever, Filariasis, Dengue fever and Encephalitis kill and debilitate millions of persons worldwide even with today's advances in medicine. Even as a nuisance biter, they can have a major negative impact on a local economy by inhibiting recreational or work environments.

Mosquito control is a problem that is best handled by the community and public health agencies rather than by the individual, since breeding places of mosquitos are often situated at considerable distances from the place of annoyance. However, in Georgia, mosquito control is limited or does not exist at all. On a very local basis, such as your home, business or yard, proper application of materials to surrounding vegetation where the adult mosquitos rest can offer control for several hours or longer. The myth, perpetuated to the public, is that electric bug zappers, ultrasonic repelling devices and citronella candles can offer effective mosquito control, but such methods have been proven to have little or no effect to relieving the stress of mosquito attacks around structures.

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Why Mosquitos Are a Problem:

  • Diseases Transmitted: Malaria, West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever, Encephalitis
  • Females produce 50-500 eggs in first brood
  • 5 generations can produce 20 million mosquitos
  • Some mosquitos fly 5 to 10 miles to breed

Why the ABC Mosquito Misting System is THE BEST!

ABC's Environmental Mosquito Management is an integrated pest management program, incorporating the best possible tools and strategies to provide a systematic approach to mosquito control. Steps to the process include surveying, breeding source reduction, environmental modification of breeding habitats, biological control, and direct contact treatment of resting and hunting mosquitos.

ABC's direct contact treatment features CoastalMister, a custom designed mosquito misting system that places our materials strategically in your outdoor living environment. ABC's Environmental Mosquito Management System will give you the best results possible.

ABC's CoastalMisters are installed around the perimeter of the structures, in landscaped areas, along fences and in other places where mosquitos are likely to be found. The Misters are pre-programmed to treat your exterior environment automatically when the mosquitos are most active or on demand with a convenient hand held remote control.

ABC will install clear or black nylon tubing and precision nozzles in and around the protected areas. ABC's mosquito misting nozzles are constructed of stainless steel and brass and feature a positive shutoff at the orifice to prevent dripping. This allows the system to deliver a fine mist of exactly measured material at predetermined times and duration to create a defense against mosquitos and other outdoor pests.

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