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Did a great job in the freezing cold! It has been a tough year and, I usually wait until after Thanksgiving to light them, but I lit them right away, and they have definitely brought me cheer!  Your little elves are great and do a great job!

- Nancy W., November 2014
What kind of lighting displays can you install?

Anything you can imagine, we can help you create. We install lights on eves, along the driveway, and in trees and shrubs. We can outline fascia, windows, doors, and archways. We can even decorate your mailbox.

What happens when the lights need to come down?

We can come back and uninstall the display. After the holidays or your special event, we take down all lights and neatly store everything in your home. Your lights will be ready and waiting the next time you need them.

How soon ahead of time do I need to schedule holiday lighting?

It’s best to schedule your appointment as soon as possible to avoid the holiday rush.

Are there other types of special lighting besides Holiday Lights you can install?

Absolutely! With so many folks using their outdoor space as an extension of their indoor living space, why not light it up?  ABC can install lights in your trees in your back or front yard to add a festive touch to any outdoor party or activity.  Call and let one of our outdoor design experts help you bring your idea to light...errr,,, life!