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5 Guaranteed Bogus Fire Ant Solutions

I have fire ants.

That’s right, I work for a pest control company, I am treated on a regular basis, and I still have fire ants. Why is that? Well, as good of a job as Sam (the technician who treats my home) does, even he can’t anticipate where the little red devils are going to pop up. In most cases it takes 6 months for a fire ant mound to become visible. But the good news is that because I already have service, Sam is coming out to treat the mound free of charge and look for any evidence of other mounds popping up.

That brings me to my point. I have lived in Texas all of my life and I have heard of 100 different ways to get rid of fire ants. But the fact is most fire ant home remedies are bogus. Let me tell you a couple of my favorites.

1.Pour club soda on the mound and the co2 will kill everything. False. The thought is that the co2 will replace the air in the mound, but it is doubtful that the amount of co2 in a bottle of soda would be able to actually penetrate deep enough to smother the entire colony.

2. Household products like bleach or gasoline will wipe fire ants out. False. These products are not labeled for controlling fire ants and can prove dangerous to your children and pets.

3.Pour boiling water on the mound. False. Boiling water will kill a few ants and a couple of more might drown, but it won’t do enough damage to kill the queen. And speaking of the queen…

4.If you dig up one mound and place it with another, both mounds will begin fighting for territory and kill the queens. False. It would be cool to watch, but no, it won’t work.

5.If you feed ants starch or grits they will explode. False. If this was true don’t you think most boys would spend all summer hauling around a bag of grits and watching ants explode? I know I would.

If you don’t have a pest control company to handle your fire ant problem and want to handle things on your own, the best advice I can give is to be patient and read the label. But if the problem won’t go away or just seems to get worse give us a call here at the office (469) 549-7300 or email us at Let us see what we can do to make your life better.

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