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Bug Myths That Are Totally False (and a Few That Are Shockingly True)

Debunking common hoaxes and exploring interesting bug facts

Are daddy long legs really poisonous?Everyone has heard so-called facts about bugs that have made their skin crawl, but the reality is that most of this information is completely false. Fortunately, we have the proper pest control knowledge and experience to help people in the Austin area determine which common sayings are myths and which are actually facts.

The Most Popular Bug Myths

We Swallow Spiders in Our Sleep

Almost everyone has heard some version of this story. The amount of spiders that we swallow in our sleep every year supposedly ranges from 8 to 15. This is a terrifying thought, especially for those who suffer from arachnophobia. Well, we’re pleased to announce that there’s absolutely no truth to this myth. The reality is that it would be extremely unlikely for you to end up swallowing one spider while you’re asleep during your entire life.

Bed Bugs Are Caused by Poor Sanitation

Some people believe that having impeccable housekeeping habits or living in an upper-class neighborhood will eliminate their bed bug risk. Unfortunately, the cleanliness of your home has absolutely nothing to do with a bed bug infestation, and there has also never been a group of bed bugs that asked to see a bank statement before setting up residence in a new home. In other words, everyone needs to be aware of the fact that bed bugs are a serious problem that can occur anywhere.

Daddy Longlegs Are Poisonous

A very popular myth revolves around the idea that daddy longlegs are extremely poisonous but unable to bite through human skin. This urban legend has been thoroughly debunked by scientists and the TV show “MythBusters,” so you don’t need to worry about somehow being exposed to toxic venom if you have a daddy longlegs in your home.

Shocking Facts About Bugs

Spiders Are Neat Freaks

When given the opportunity to choose between multiple environments, a spider will always gravitate toward the area that’s cleanest and contains the least amount of clutter. Therefore, if you have a spider problem or are simply afraid of them, you can help prevent them from moving into your home by keeping it as clean as possible.

Mosquitoes Are the Deadliest Creature on Earth

Mosquito bites are simply an irritant for most Austin residents, but the reality is that these pests kill millions of people every year. Shockingly, they have even lead to the death of a higher combined total of people than every war in recorded history. With this in mind, it’s important to take steps to make your yard as unappealing to mosquitoes as possible.

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