Does Your Yard Need a Haircut?

Spring is almost here, and your neighbors will soon be outdoors with their lawnmowers, string trimmers and spreaders. As if by magic, their neglected, winter-ravaged yards will morph into works of art. Like the perfect hairstyle, a healthy, polished lawn and landscape makes its owner look awesome. But not everyone has time to maintain a demanding yard. You may barely have time to style your own mane, much less battle half an acre of green fluff. If you’ve never had time for yard work, you probably don’t have the needed experience or skill either. Don’t be embarrassed. Many who attempt lawn care for the first time find that it’s quite easy to end up with a faux hawk instead of neat, uniform grass.

Bed Head, Split Ends, Dandruff and Lice

Keeping your hair looking good requires more than just shampoo and hairspray, and taking care of a lawn involves more than mowing … Read Full Post »

Nothing Eliminates Bed Bugs Better than a Heat Treat

Do you wake up in the morning with unexplained sores on your trunk and legs? Are you plagued by itching and pain throughout the day?

Your home could be infested with bed bugs. While this might sound disgusting, it’s an increasingly common fact of life in the Metroplex. The good news is that it’s relatively easy and painless to dispatch bed bugs. Learn more about the effectiveness of heat treatments.

What Is Heat Remediation Treatment?

Heat remediation treatment is the practice of exposing bed bugs to lethal doses of heat. There are several means of applying said heat. For small or diffuse items like slippers or carpet, simply running a hair dryer across the affected space for several minutes should be enough to kill most bed bugs. For beds and bulkier pieces of furniture, heat chambers may be required.

How Does It Work?

Although some organisms are more tolerant of heat than others, all have … Read Full Post »

Are You Putting Out the Welcome Mat for Rodents?

Mice may be cute and cuddly on TV or as a children’s toy, but when they get inside the walls of your business, they are dirty, destructive and downright disgusting.

Rodents typically make their way indoors during cooler weather, seeking warmth and protection. While you might feel bad about turning them out to face the harsh elements, remember that these small creatures not only make annoying scratching sounds inside your walls, but they also chew on electrical wires and spread diseases.

For many people, leaving traps and poison out around the building is the go-to solution. But who wants to find rotting rat carcasses lying around as you’re trying to take your lunch break? There’s got to be a better way. ABC Home & Commercial Services in Dallas is here to help.


You may be unintentionally inviting local rodents to take up residence with the following behaviors:

• Rodents don’t have a sophisticated palate. … Read Full Post »

Don’t Cry Wolf: Tips to Prevent False Alarms

Many home security systems in Dallas unintentionally draw police.

In the story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” a boy learns a valuable lesson when his repeated false alarms cause the villagers to not come to his aid when help is actually needed. Although we know that you would never intentionally cause a false alarm with your security system, unintentional ones can still cause some pretty significant things to happen. Fortunately, the majority of these instances are avoidable.

Many false alarms are triggered by the movement of things such as pets, plants, and even curtains that have been blown by heating and cooling systems. Anything that could accidentally set off the motion detectors should be kept away from these areas. Pet-friendly sensors are useful in ensuring that cats and dogs won’t be able to trigger alarms.

It’s also essential for anybody who has a key for your residence to be well versed in … Read Full Post »

Avoiding Costly Damages with Termite Pretreatment

Termites are among nature’s most destructive pests. If you own a wooden structure, chances are good that you’re aware of the damage they can cause. By pre-treating vulnerable spaces, however, you might be able to avoid the most costly impacts of a termite infestation.

Signs of Potential Termite Damage

Termites may be active in a structure for months or years before the damage they inflict is visible. During this initial period, they dig tunnels, lay eggs and fortify their living spaces. If you’re observant, you might spot telltale signs of such activity. These include:

• Holes or cracks in furniture
• Small piles of droppings
• Bubbling or peeling paint
• Holes or “mud tubes” near the exterior walls of a structure

Most Common Types of Damage

In Texas, most termite infestations are caused by drywood termites that favor large pieces of furniture and above-ground interior walls. When termites take to furniture, they eventually cause visible damage that … Read Full Post »

Installing Home Security Without a Phone Line

Methods for securing your home while embracing modern technology

According to the FBI, Dallas has the third highest burglary rate in the nation, and this makes it imperative for homeowners to take steps to protect their property. Many people erroneously believe that they have to have a landline in order to use a monitored home security system. Fortunately, this is no longer the case—you likely already have what you need for a monitored security system to work in your home.

How Does Home Security Work Without a Landline?

In the past, each home security system was wired through the homeowner’s landline. However, it’s now possible for you to have a security system placed inside your home that was created with the ability to work via landline, Internet connection or wireless cellular technology. Due to this, you don’t need to take the risk of becoming a burglary victim simply because you’ve gotten rid of … Read Full Post »

Will Sheep-Sized Rats Take Over the Earth?

Any list of rodent facts makes it abundantly clear that rats can go with the flow. In fact, they’re so adaptable that when nature shifts course and larger mammals become extinct, the little critters might just grow into giant sheep-sized rats to take up the space. If you think they’re icky now, just wait until their tails are two feet long.

It’s Happened Before

It’s inevitable that some of our larger animals will die out. When they do, scientists believe that rodents will evolve to fill the ecological niche. They’ll grow larger and develop whatever features enable them to survive, thrive and produce offspring.

It isn’t just a theory; it’s happened before. In the Cretaceous Period, dinosaurs occupied a large portion of space on the planet. During their reign, mammals were much smaller; many were the size of our modern mice and rats. Once the big guys were out of the picture, though, … Read Full Post »

Cockroaches and Humans: Why Can’t We Get Along?

Waging a war on bugs with advanced pest control services

Saying that people and cockroaches have an antagonistic relationship is a gross understatement. We hate them and they love us—at least, they love our cozy, food-filled homes. Fortunately, people have become a little better at defending their territory against these creepy crawlies. Here in Dallas, homeowners square off against American, Oriental and German cockroaches. As you may have guessed, each variety has its own charms. American cockroaches are large and proficient fliers. Oriental roaches are particularly scary looking. German roaches are smaller, but they make up for that in numbers.

Wonderful Roaches

Cockroaches are one of the most successful life forms ever. They’re found in modern cities, forests and every continent except Antarctica. There’s a lot to learn from these primitive yet highly adaptable bugs. For example, how do cockroaches survive in such dirty places? Researchers in Great Britain found the answer: Locust … Read Full Post »

The Link Between Pests, Asthma and Allergies

Are Pests Causing My Family’s Issues with Allergies and Asthma?

Approximately 50 million Americans have issues with allergies, and it’s estimated that an additional 25 million people are asthmatic. Medical research indicates that approximately 80% of patients who suffer from asthma attacks can link this problem to allergies. In other words, it’s imperative for people dealing with this medical condition to keep a close eye on any potential allergy triggers that could end up causing them serious discomfort or even forcing them to obtain emergency attention. Unfortunately, many asthmatics aren’t aware of the fact that the pests hiding in their home could be one of their greatest health risks.

Which Pest is the Most Dangerous?

It’s common for people with asthma to assume that their major allergy triggers are animal dander, dust, stinging insects and plant pollen. Although all of these things can definitely lead to an asthma attack, they’re not necessarily the … Read Full Post »

Security Risks You Didn’t Even Know You Were Taking

Are you making mistakes when it comes to your personal security?

According to the FBI’s latest crime statistics, there were more than two million burglaries in 2012 alone. Nearly 75% of those occurred at private residences. No one likes to think about their home security being compromised, but it can be dangerous to regard these statistics as just numbers on a page. At ABC Home & Commercial Services, we believe that the best defense is a good offense. That doesn’t mean you should start tracking down Dallas criminals, but it does mean that you should avoid making some common personal security mistakes.

Security Mistake: Friendly Neighborhood Silence

They say that the Internet puts us in constant contact with friends and family, so why is it that most people feel more disconnected than ever before? The truth is that we lead more insular lives than previous generations. Did you know that solitude could endanger … Read Full Post »