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Celebrate the Season with Festive Outdoor Christmas Lights

nothing makes your home as spectacular during the holidays as a lighting display ABC San AntonioNothing makes your home quite as spectacular during the holidays as a dazzling outdoor lighting display. Whether you go with brightly colored rope lights or classic white icicles, lights always add that extra touch of cheer. If you love having a decorated home but aren’t looking forward to the hard work of hanging your holiday lights this year, consider hiring professionals to do the decorating for you.

What’s New in Holiday Lighting Trends?

Holiday lighting trends tend to change every few years. The blow-up lawn ornaments and tangled icicles of last year are giving way to new, sleeker lighting displays that make the most of sound and motion. You’ve probably seen spectacular timed displays on the local news or online. Professional lighting installers can easily create one of these stunning light, music and motion displays for your yard.

Bright colors are also in for outdoor displays. Don’t be afraid to go bold with neon-colored lights this season. In fact, bright, Latin-inspired colors are perfect for many San Antonio homes. Using the natural landscape for lighting inspiration is one of the best ways to ensure that your holiday lights will be classy, not gaudy. You can also use brightly colored lights to highlight any water features that you might have in your yard.

Of course, classic white lights with beautiful green boughs and red bows are always a great choice for exterior decorating. Opt for classic colors when you want to up the elegance of your home or evoke an old-fashioned Christmas feel. Consider using boughs, bows and ribbons to accent your porch and doorway. These elements will tie your yard together and make your guests feel completely at home.

Choosing the Right Lighting Display for Your Home

Choosing a stunning lighting display for your home can be difficult. As you think about what type of lighting you’ll have installed, keep your own tastes in mind. Don’t choose a lighting style just because it’s trendy. Think about what will look good on your house and what you want to look at all season. If you don’t have any ideas, stick with classic lights or ask a professional to create a display plan for you. Many homeowners prefer to stick with a themed display that transforms their space into a cohesive holiday whole.

Creating an impressive holiday lighting display takes a great deal of time and planning. You can take the stress out of the process by trusting the professionals at ABC Home & Commercial Services to do the hard work for you.

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