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Enhancing Your Home with a Natural Gas Fireplace

There is something about curling up next to a fireplace that induces instant relaxation. However, why should you limit your leisure time to the cold winter months? With a gas fireplace, you can enjoy the cozy ambiance of a real fireplace during any season. A gas fireplace can be installed during a home remodel and does not require your home to have any special equipment. Because a gas fireplace is self-contained, it can be installed in virtually any room of the house.

Gas fireplaces are fire-safe boxes that contain a gas burner and imitation logs. They can be turned on and off by flipping a switch. Gas fireplaces don’t burn wood, so they don’t result in a mound of ashes. Although the logs don’t need to be replaced, a gas tank must be connected to the fireplace for it to operate. Gas fireplaces are more eco-friendly than their wood-burning counterparts because gas burns cleanly. Direct-vent gas fireplaces draw in air from the outside to help the flames burn and the emissions are returned outside. Although they emit a small amount of carbon monoxide, gas fireplaces are still safer for the environment than wood fireplaces.

There are different types of gas fireplaces available to suit individual needs. Factory-built fireplaces are normally fitted at the time a house is built or renovated. Freestanding units are exposed on all sides and can be positioned in any room. Inserts fit into the opening of a wood-burning fireplace and transform it into a safer, more eco-friendly option. Homeowners can choose to connect the fireplace to their ductwork, dispersing the heat throughout the house. Many fireplaces can be turned up or down to control the level of heat given off. For more information about selecting a gas fireplace, visit

No matter what kind of fireplace you use, find a licensed professional to install it. When you install an insert, the chimney has to be relined and the correct type of vent must be used. A builder/remodeler can recommend the most appropriate type of fireplace for your home, and a San Antonio plumbing specialist can assist with the installation if you decide on a natural gas fireplace. Also consult a San Antonio HVAC expert to make sure that your other heating and air conditioning equipment is functioning properly so that you use all of the heat sources in your home most effectively.

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