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Get Your Lawn Ready for Winter in East Texas

The best foundation for a landscaping display is a green lawn

While East Texas isn’t exactly Antarctica, our nighttime winter temperatures can dip low enough to make all living things a little uncomfortable, including the greenery growing in your yard. The good news is that since deep freezes are relatively rare in our area, getting your garden ready for the coldest season of the year is a breeze. Here’s what to put on your to-do list before the cooler weather makes its annual comeback:

Give Your Lawn Extra Food

Some species of animals never start the winter season without gaining a little weight for warmth and energy. The same idea can work for your lawn. Giving your grass more nutrients can translate to thicker, healthier growth next spring. For best results, use fertilizers that are rich in nitrogen in the beginning of autumn and fertilizers that are rich in phosphorous later in the season. This nutrient blend will fortify your lawn against harsh nighttime temperatures. For even better protection, do a soil test to find out exactly what your garden needs to stay healthy until spring.

Replant Damaged Grass

It might seem counterproductive to replace dead grass before the winter season, but replanting now can keep your lawn looking and feeling great all winter long.

Keep the Water Flowing

Just because the fall and winter seasons are cooler than the notoriously steamy Texan summers doesn’t mean you should cut back on watering your lawn. Despite the common misconception, many grass species are very much alive in winter, going dormant as colder temperatures arrive. To make sure your grass wakes up healthy, keep watering it on a regular basis.

Evict Pests

As cooler weather settles in for good, the pests that have been enjoying the late summer sun in your yard will likely make a beeline for the closest warm shelter they can find: your home. What does indoor pest control have to do with lawn care? Good landscaping – trimming bushes, mowing the grass, and eliminating standing water – destroys habitats where all kinds of critters like to live. If you get an early start, you can kick your yard’s pests out before they get a chance to migrate indoors.

For more information about discovering and exterminating common garden pests in Texas, check out the detailed field guide from Texas A&M University.

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