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Got Opossum Problems? Don’t Wait to Take Action

It can be hard to believe that a harmless creature like the Opossum can be the cause of major household damage. But Opossums introduce a unique problem to homeowners and neighborhoods. In urban, suburban and rural environments, Opossums can cause major damage to your home, resulting in expensive repairs.

Opossums make their homes out of hollow trees and shrub thickets, but ultimately dwell anywhere that is dry, sheltered and safe. The comfort and protection provided by these elements are easily replicated by your home’s attic or garage. These unwanted guests collect materials for the purpose of building a nest, which means the destruction of your home’s insulation and air ducts are likely if an Opossum is living in your home.

Opossums do not store food for energy and require food sources that are stable as the seasons come and go. Its diet consists of insects, earthworms, small mammals, fruits, grains, plants, and the flesh of deceased animals it happens to find. It forages intensively in small areas for whatever is available. With extreme weather conditions such as drought or cold weather, the availability of food can have devastating effects on opossum populations. Opossums will move if resources are depleted, but with trash and scraps being a common thing found both inside and outside your home, an Opossum has no need to move.

Opossums serve as hosts for fleas, ticks and lice, all of which can spread to your animals as well as cause infestation in your home. Not only would you have to deal with the opossum and the damage it causes, but you would also have to deal with the spreading of the bugs they carry. Carrying such insects into your home increases the possibility of you and your family getting sick. The World Health Organization has put together a reference point for you to read that describes what fleas, ticks and lice carry and why ridding your home of not only them, but also their host, is important.

While the understanding of these issues produces concern, know that San Antonio pest control is met with experience and responsibility by your friends at ABC. For rodent control in San Antonio (or in this case, marsupial control) contact ABC Home and Commercial Services.

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