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How Pest Control Can Help Facility Management

Most facility management resources agree that there are five key areas where Facility Managers track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  Pest control can help facility management in each of these key areas.

how pest control can help facility managementThese Facility Management KPIs cover the areas of:

  • Financial
  • Operational
  • Value-Added
  • Strategic
  • Customer Satisfaction

There are many ways pest control can help with all five of these KPI areas in 2018! Here are some of the different methods:

How Pest Control Can Help Facility Management with Financial KPIs

Modern pest management is about examining pest trends and determining ways to provide better service for facilities while keeping costs down, protecting your brand, and protecting your resources .  Since for all companies time is money, what if we could reduce time at your facility?  What if we could adjust your service to a different frequency, reduce applications? All without affecting the goal of the program – controlling pests.

How Pest Control Can Help Operational KPIs

Would it be helpful to you if your pest management service was convenient and easy for your operation?  Imagine the ability to have 24/7 access to a customer portal which includes service reports, mapping, and trending information.  Would this type of service help your operational goals?  We provide these services as part of our standard commercial pest management services.

How Pest Control Can Help Value-Added Services

Value-added services mean you didn’t pay for them in the contracted price, but it does add value to your operation.  As your pest management vendor, we have a lot of ongoing access to your structure.  Would it assist you if we were able to provide you with information on security (doors and fences not secured), a second set of eyes on the exterior to help report back things like damaged sprinkler heads, trash around the building, maybe even flowerbeds that could use some attention?  Pest control can help with facility management by performing these activities. We provide these services in addition to us looking for any and all conditions that would be conducive to pests as well.

How Pest Control Can Help Strategic KPIs

Many companies are looking for ways for their facilities to be proactive when it comes to the environment. Do you realize that pest management already plays a part in a LEED program?  You could benefit from discussing these options and modifications. Our programs can help you gain and maintain LEED certification.

How Pest Control Can Help Facility Management with Internal Customer Satisfaction

Ultimately, the biggest goal of facility management is the satisfaction of those who occupy your facilities. Having a pest management provider that can help you provide a pest-free workspace while using only the safest products in a way that would have the least impact on the environment could help you meet this satisfaction goal.

To find out how ABC Home and Commercial Services can assist you in meeting some of your facility management KPIs, contact us today.


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