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3 Landscape Rebates in Austin that can Save You Money!

Landscaping Rebates

Summer is approaching and with it comes the time for hot days, relaxing by a poolside, reading a book in your yard and of course summer landscaping. Summer is the time in which you spend most of your day enjoying the nice weather and you will most likely want your yard to look perfect to set the mood. Luckily for you, Austin has some amazing rebates to reduce the cost of your summer landscaping. A rebate is money that is refunded to you by the city for taking cost or energy-saving measures with your home or yard maintenance.

Fixing your yard for the summer in Austin? Check out these rebates that could be available for you!

Landscape Survival Tools Rebates

If you use any of the following techniques or a combination of them for your home you could qualify for this rebate and also save money by reducing your need for water. The techniques are composting, core aeration, and mulching.

Now, if you are an amateur landscaper or are still learning you may not know what these techniques are, and how they help so we will do a short explanation below with some information on how to get the rebate.

Composting: Composting consists of using organic matter that has been decomposed as nutrient-rich fertilizer. By using compost, your yard will have a healthy root system that will hold water.
Rebate: $50 rebate for at least two cubic yards (54 cubic feet) of compost.

Core Aeration: This technique consists of pulling ½” diameter holes from your lawn allowing water and nutrients easier access to the roots by reducing soil compaction.
Rebate: By using this technique you can get a $30 rebate for a core aeration service that covers your entire front and/or back lawn.

Mulching: Mulching is using any material to cover the surface of the soil. This technique is used to smother weed activity and to retain moisture in the soil.
Rebate: $40 for at least two cubic yards (54 cubic feet) of mulch

To learn more about how to apply for this rebate go to:

WaterWise Landscape Rebate

If you are planning on converting healthy turf grass to native plant beds then this rebate could be for you! Converting turf grass to native plant beds can also help reduce water usage helping you save money on water spend.

Rebate: Residential customers can receive $35 for every 100 square feet (minimum 500 sq. ft) of healthy turf grass converted into native plant beds up to a maximum of $1750.

To learn more about the requirements to qualify for this rebate go to:

WaterWise Rainscape Rebate

Homeowners (and schools) may receive up to $500 ($0.30/sq. foot — 100 sq. foot min.) for installing landscape features such as berms, terraces, swales, rain gardens, and more!

By using these types of rainscapes, you help prevent runoff and eliminate the need for additional irrigation, saving you water and money.

To learn more about how to apply for this rebate go to:


ABC Austin can perform any of the landscaping services mentioned above including core aeration, landscaping & landscaping design to fit your specific needs, general lawn services, turf enrichment and more.

By hiring ABC to do your landscaping and applying for a rebate, you will be able to save money on your landscaping services and water usage in the long run. All of our services come with a free consultation, so schedule a service today!

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