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Managing Large-Sized Pests in Texas

Large sized pests can cause serious property and health risks to home owners and should be dealt with carefully. These types of pests are usually always attracted by food, whether it comes in the form of food scraps, garbage, or even composting. The two most common types of large sized pests include raccoons, and coyotes. You should use extreme caution when dealing with pests of these size and call control professionals if the situation seems dangerous.

Raccoons are nocturnal creatures, and they are the bandits of the animal kingdom; these rascals will locate and steal anything that is of value or use to them. The raccoon can grow to be almost 3 feet long and can vary in weight from 10 pounds up to almost forty pounds. The raccoon typically lives for 8 to 10 years. These creatures are generally passive, but if they are cornered or feel endangered they can quickly become hostile and aggressive. Raccoons have also been known to carry distemper and rabies, which are both transmittable and dangerous diseases. Dealings with this type of large sized pest need to be done swiftly, as a raccoon can cause a significant amount of property damage to a home in its quest for food.

The easiest way to prevent a future appearance of a raccoon or to persuade one not to return again is to limit the availability of food. You can do this by purchasing locking metal garbage cans and ensuring that the raccoon cannot gain access to your home.

Coyotes are a direct relative of the dog family, much like the wolf, and are commonly found in North America. These creatures, which are approximately two feet tall, come in many different colors but can be identified by their yipping bark and by the sharp points that their noses and tails have. These creatures weigh between twenty and fifty pounds and cause serious problems for home owners. Besides the obvious risk to family pets, some coyotes have lost their fear of man and have been known to attack young children.

Like the raccoon, the coyote is, by nature, a nocturnal creature that prefers to hunt for food or scraps in the dead of night. If you encounter a coyote, it is advisable to make a great deal of noise to startle the creature into running away. If you are continually experience coyote problems on your property, you should call a pest management professional to safely deal with the situation.

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