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The Tiny Mosquito: A Big Texas Buzzkill

Smart strategies for swatting the swarms

Keep mosquitoes away from your outdoor get-togethers with these helpful tipsOn a warm summer evening, it’s easy to think that all of Texas’ 85 different species of mosquitoes live right here in Bryan-College Station. How much do you really know about these pesky insects? Before they turn your next backyard barbecue into a swat fest, fight back with a little knowledge and some smart outdoor strategies.

Only Ladies Bite

These little buzzers are considered the vampires of insects, but they don’t really drink your blood. Only lady mosquitoes bite, and they pull protein from your blood when they’re carrying eggs. Males live exclusively on sugar from plants. They use their long proboscises to gather juice and nectar, but females are equipped with cutting edge technology for piercing skin. These insect vampires have 47 sharp points attached to their skinny snouts. The tiny razors are called stylets, and this physical oddity is the source of myths about mosquitoes sporting teeth.

Your Baited Breath

It’s not often someone says they’re attracted to your breath, but that’s what draws in mosquitoes. Exhaled carbon dioxide sends out an irresistible invitation that makes your head a natural target. A mouthful of breath mints, fruity gum or chocolate can help, but don’t wash these remedies down with a cold beer. Mosquitoes are tantalized by that brew in your favorite koozie, and they also prefer you in dark clothing. The little buggers love it when you’re dancing on the patio because heavy breathing makes you a better target.

Don’t Make It Easy

You know mosquitoes must have standing water to complete their life cycles, so you keep the gutters cleaned out and fill in those holes that Spot digs in the backyard. However, his water bowl, the garden bucket and that bird bath offer plenty of moisture for breeding mosquitoes. Flush out these containers with fresh water on a regular basis, and you’ll pull up some of the pests’ welcome mats. Don’t let leaky faucets or dripping hoses undo your diligence. Is your backyard pond a mosquito condo? Move in koi and goldfish to keep out unwelcome guests.

Putting up with hordes of bloodsucking mosquitoes is always a Texas summer buzzkill. If you’re thinking about raising bats to combat the invasion, give us a call instead. We handle all kinds of pest control here at ABC Home & Commercial Services in Bryan and College Station, and we’re on your side in this ongoing swat fest.

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