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Use your iPhone for Tracking Bed Bugs!

In recent years, bed bugs have become a widespread problem in many cities across the United States. Houston is no exception, with hotels and multi-family residential buildings such as apartments among the hardest hit. Even if you live in a single-family home, you’re also vulnerable to bed bugs, as guests may bring them in or the pests may stow away in your luggage when you return home from a vacation. The best prevention against bed bugs is avoiding places that have been infested by them. If you are an iPhone user, you will find the Bed Bug Alert app very handy for keeping away from the pests.

Designed by Apps Genius, Bed Bug Alert is an interactive, user-friendly app that allows you to perform a number of actions from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad equipped with iOS 3.2 or newer. First, you may set your location so that you only view reports of bed bugs in Houston or an upcoming vacation destination.

Color-coded pins displayed on a satellite view map designate areas where bed bugs have been spotted. Green pins indicate the oldest reports of the pests and red pins denote the most recent infestations. You can also input your own bed bug sightings, either in Houston or the place where you’re vacationing. Other features include a list of cities that are most affected by bed bugs and facts about bed bugs.

After reporting bed bugs via Bed Bug Alert, your next step should be to contact an exterminator in Houston. The parasites are extremely difficult to get rid of using home pesticides that are available to the general public, such as foggers and “bug bombs” (which can also be harmful to children and pets). Houston pest control experts ABC Home & Commercial Services can rid your home of bed bugs using thermal remediation. This non-toxic, non-chemical method uses 125 degree heat to kill bed bugs at every point of the life cycle, often within just one treatment. We back our bed bug control services with a post-treatment inspection by dogs trained to sniff out the pests and a guarantee to treat the room again should re-infestation occur.

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