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West Nile Scare in Brazos County

Over the summer months, cases of West Nile virus were verified in Brazos County. If the virus continues spreading, local residents could find themselves feeling ill and missing work. This could be detrimental to household incomes, local businesses and even medical facilities. In rare cases, West Nile can be fatal, so taking proper precautions is important. Companies specializing in pest control and landscaping in College Station and Bryan can assist in controlling mosquito populations in the area. While this is an important step, it is also helpful to take some preventative measures of your own.

Drain all sources of standing water. Mosquitoes love pools, puddles and spas. Be sure to change the water for pets frequently. Stagnant water is the ultimate breeding ground for mosquitoes. If possible, keep water dishes for pets indoors.

Minimize risks in the yard. Have the shrubs and hedges trimmed down. Keep the lawn very short, and avoid over-watering the grass. Mosquitoes congregate and breed in damp lawns with long grass or overgrown shrubs.

Wear the right insect repellent. Only insect repellent containing DEET will fully ward off mosquitoes. People who work outdoors should reapply repellent frequently. It is also helpful to wear long pants or loose shirts with long sleeves whenever possible. Mosquitoes have a hard time biting through loose clothing.

Stay indoors after dusk. Mosquitoes have their own nightlife, which includes feeding on humans and animals. To avoid their bites, it is best to just stay indoors. If it is necessary to be outdoors, wear plenty of repellent and place citronella torches nearby.

To make sure the lawn is properly treated for the presence of mosquitoes, it’s best to contact a company specializing in pest control and lawn care in Bryan and College Station, TX. When it comes to pest control in Bryan and College Station, ABC Home & Commercial Services tops the list for quality and dependability. Our treatments are quick and effectively.

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