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Liven Up Your Home With Winter Decorations

winter decorations

Want to bring a little taste of winter inside without overwhelming your house with traditional Christmas decorations? Or perhaps you’re searching for some seasonally-appropriate decor once your presents are unwrapped and your tree is put away. Look no further – we have lots of ideas for winter decorations for you to try!

Decorate with Nature

If you are looking for winter decorating ideas, natural accents are the way to go. You might consider adding a few of the following elements to your home:

  • Choose boughs of evergreens like pine and fir to decorate your dining room table and fireplace.
  • Pinecones, with or without a dusting of artificial snow, are great around candles or as part of a centerpiece.
  • Try a glass bowl filled with acorns (caps still included, of course).
  • For extra pizazz and staying power, use silver or gold spray paint on large dried leaves, such as those from maples and sycamores. Once they’re dry, use them as accents under vases, lamps and candle holders.
  • Spray-paint twigs to bring extra sparkle to your winter displays.
  • Snip small branches of evergreens and use them in the place of cut flowers throughout your home. They will bring a pleasant fresh aroma to every room. Put them in a sunny window, and they’ll last even longer.
  • Get some natural grape vines (often available at local hobby supply chains) and wrap them with ribbons and decorate with pine cones or other small baubles or toys.

Add Potted Plants and Flowers

Outside, some of your plants might be dried up and dormant until spring. But there’s no reason your house has to feel the same way!

Consider a new tropical plant for your entryway or living room. A small tree can bring a lot of joy into a room!

Flowering plants can also help beat the winter doldrums. Consider a long-blooming plant like an orchid or begonia to a side table in a sunny room. Add a cluster of African violets to a bright window, or a lush hanging plant in your kitchen.

Winter Accents

To liven up your living room, why not add a new set of winter-themed throw pillows to your sofa? You could go with a polar bear theme, or stick to the traditional holly and ivy. Toss in a seasonal throw blanket or two to keep your tootsies warm as you snuggle up in the cooler temperatures.

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, perhaps shift your color scheme for accents to traditional winter colors such as white, silver, and green. A dark green slipcover for a favorite chair accented with white throw pillows could be a show-stopper.

And while you might have fresh flowers or plants elsewhere in your home, you can also decorate with bright clusters of dried flowers and grasses. You can turn them into centerpieces, garlands or wall-hangings.

Keep Some Holiday Decorations Around For Spring

Some Christmas ornaments, including those that look like snowflake and stars, can serve as home accents all winter long. Consider hanging small ornaments like bells or sparkly stars from your dining room chandelier or wrap an interior column or staircase with white LED lights.

Don’t Forget Your Outdoor Spaces

When you take down all of the holiday decorations, does your yard feel empty and sad? Take heart! Winter is the perfect time to trim away dead branches as well as plant wildflower seeds and some trees and shrubs. You can also decorate with cold-hardy bedding plants such as pansies, or grow ornamental cabbages and other cruciferous vegetables.

Outdoor winter decorating ideas don’t need to be planted in the ground to give your house a seasonal touch. You can hang brightly painted birdhouses in your trees, as well as eye-catching lanterns. Consider lining your sidewalk with potted plants you can cover or bring inside when there’s a danger of a frost. Fill window boxes with evergreens like rosemary or small holly plants, and fill in the space with painted twigs or pinecones.

Enjoying Your Home Year-Round

While ABC Home & Commercial Services can’t be there to pick out your new upholstery or area rugs, we can help you discourage any winter pests from making their way inside. We can check the exterior of your home to make sure there are no entry points for unwanted guests, such as mice or rats. We can address that pest problem you put off during the holidays, or make sure you have preventative measures in place to prevent any pesky insects from making themselves at home inside of your house.

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