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Winter Rodent Invasions: Be Prepared!


Rodents can wreak havoc on a home at any point in the year, but these little creatures tend to invade homes during winter. Orlando is not one of the coldest places on earth, but animals will still attempt to seek shelter indoors as temperatures drop. These unwelcome guests can cause structural damage and the spread of rodent-borne pathogens. Unfortunately, rodents are difficult to remove from the home, so prevention is the best action.

Rodents are champions at chewing through wood and other materials, but even a small hole or gap is an invitation. Rats and mice are very flexible, and the hole must only be as wide as the mouse or rat’s skull. Look for holes around all the floorboards inside the house, including closets and areas behind large appliances. Holes might also form around pipes and vents. On the outside of the home, holes can occur in many places, including crawl spaces, rafters, and the foundation. After a hole is located, it’s essential to have the vulnerable area patched.

Rodents have adapted to eat a wide variety of food, and food is one of the primary targets of rodent invaders. Any source of food that is not sealed correctly can be a tasty meal for an unwelcome rodent. Even garbage is unsafe, so a thick plastic or metal trash can with a lid is recommended. Additionally, unwashed dishes should not be allowed to accumulate. Pet food and water dishes should be moved or cleaned after the pet eats. Food should be kept in thick plastic, glass, or metal containers. Thin plastic containers are no match for rodent teeth.

For more information on preventing a rodent invasion, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Unfortunately, most store-bought efforts to eliminate rodents are unsuccessful. Additionally, these traps are unsuitable for larger pests, such as raccoons or squirrels. ABC Home & Commercial Services pest control exterminators can evaluate the property to determine the rodents’ entry point for a more effective solution. The rodent control specialist will remove the pests and seal the entry locations.


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