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ABC specializes in the commercial food service industry. Serving over 1200 restaurants in the DFW Metroplex, ABC provides an in depth custom program and unsurpassed results. ABC's approach is a four phase program.

Phase I : Identification and Evaluation of the Pest Problem

  • Thorough inspection of the premises by ABC urban pest specialist at no cost or obligation
  • Positive identification of pest and pest damage
  • Evaluation of existing pest infestation
  • Evaluation of Sanitation practices and structural problems which may contribute to pest infestation
  • Presentation of written results of survey and professional recommendation

Phase II : The Initial Treatment (The Clean-Out)

  • Initial Treatment designed to bring a large pest infestation down to a zero level
  • Utilization of pesticides approved by EPA and recommended by Texas A&M
  • ABC trained, professional technicians execute the Planned Pest Control Program
  • Utilization of ABC's Seven Treatment Techniques as developed by the Whitmire Research Institute
    • Inspection
    • Crack and Crevice Treatment
    • Void Treatment
    • Directed Contact
    • Space/Ultra Low Volume Treatment
    • Exclusion
    • Outside Perimeter Treatment
      • Careful treatment of customer areas
      • Elimination of outdoor harborage areas

Phase III : Maintaining Control (The Ongoing Service)

  • Monitor the effectiveness of the service
  • Establish a regular service schedule tailored to fit the needs of the customers
  • Utilization of ABC's seven treatment techniques
  • Provide instruction for monitoring incoming goods and the pests which accompany them
  • Emphasis of exterior control to stop pests before they invade your environment
  • Technicians available to provide prompt attention to problems

Phase VI : The Final Phase

  • ABC's comprehensive training program includes:
    • Training manuals developed by the National Pest Control Association
    • Classroom instruction by our staff Entomologists
    • On-the-job training
    • Continuing education both in-house and through seminars
  • ABC is the largest independent pest control company in the State of Texas.
  • ABC has been in business for 60 years and enjoys a reputation for quality service and reliability.
  • ABC's Commercial Pest Control Division works for many leading businesses. (References gladly supplied upon request)
  • ABC looks forward to serving leading businesses-like yours!

At ABC, we have zero tolerance for pests, and our people make the difference.

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