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What is Termimesh?

Termimesh is marine-grade stainless steel mesh installed during the construction of a new building. The mesh serves as a physical barrier which termites cannot chew through or circumnavigate, no matter how hard they try.

This means that termites will never have the chance to enter your house or building. And when we say never, we mean it.

Why would I need Termimesh on my property?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as they say. If termites can’t get into your home or building in the first place, you’ll never have to worry about eradicating an infestation or repairing home damage.

The Termimesh System has over 170,000 installations, satisfied customers worldwide, and a 100% effective track record.

How do you install the system?

There are two ways to install Termimesh. First, we can build it into the structure's foundation before cement is poured, securing it to pipe clusters, construction joints and perimeter veneer.

Alternatively, we can install Termistop flanges around surface penetrations for plumbing or electrical pipes to keep termites out. Combined with Termimesh's Hybrid soil treatment using green–list BoraCare® (natural element boron) has proven very effective.

Building a home is a big, long-term investment. Why not protect it from the get-go with the Termimesh Termite System and save yourself a whole lot of money and grief down the line? Call us today to learn more!

Is it friendly for pets and children?

Yes! Termimesh is a simple barrier installed pre-construction, which means it is both concealed and non-toxic.

Is the Termimesh system guaranteed to work?

Yes. Termimesh has completed nine years of USDA Forestry Service Testing with no failures. It is approved for construction by the International Code Council and recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED building program, NAHB Green Building Standard, Green Globe and other sustainable building programs.

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