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ABC Home & Commercial Services offers traditional programs specifically designed for Dallas lawn care. Each program provides your lawn with the nutrients it needs to be green and healthy. Our 6 yearly applications, combined with proper lawn mowing and watering, will provide a beautiful lawn you’ll be proud of throughout the year.

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  • Granular slow-release fertilizer with micro-nutrients for sustained growth and superior color.
  • Controlling nitrogen release is eco-friendly and helps preserve the natural state of our groundwater.

Weed Control:

  • Scheduled pre-emergent weed control is included in our traditional program during spring and fall to prevent the development of certain annual weeds. Broadleaf weeds are treated as needed with every visit.
  • Specialized treatments to control perennial grass-type weeds like Dallisgrass and Nutgrass are available as optional services.
  • Specialized treatments to control perennial grass-type weeds are available as optional services.

Insect Control:

  • Specialized treatments to control certain lawn damaging insects are available as optional services. Our technicians are trained to identify signs and symptoms of insect activity when servicing your lawn.

Disease Control:

  • Disease control treatments are also available if needed as an optional service.

Tree & Shrub Care:

  • Comprehensive program consisting of granular time release fertilization and applications to help control insects and disease problems that occur throughout the growing season on ornamental trees and shrubs.

Core Aeration:

  • Helps loosen compacted soil
  • Allows nutrients, water and air to get to the root zone
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