Mosquito Suppression Program

ABC Mosquito Control Experts Mosquitos pose a health risk Remain on the lookout for standing water

ABC provides two recurring mosquito suppression programs: High Impact and Reduced Impact.

Both programs are designed to affect the mosquito population and are not guarantees of the complete absence of mosquitoes, nor are they a prevention of West Nile virus or any other disease.

  • High Impact: ABC uses traditional products to repel and kill large infestations. Using a backpack blower we treat shrubs, weeds, grass, and any ground cover within a 50-foot perimeter of the home. In addition, we will inspect and treat as needed any other areas outside your home that might also provide conditions that are attractive to mosquitoes.
  • Reduced Impact: ABC utilizes all natural materials to repel mosquitoes; natural repellants are effective in areas where mosquito populations are lower and breeding sites (moisture) are controlled and dry. Treatment occurs twice a month.

Additional Services

  • Party Pack: A one-time traditional product application focused on areas where large groups of people will gather within the next 2-3 days.
  • Mosquito Dunks: For areas with water standing that cannot be dried up, ABC will use mosquito dunks at a cost, or they are available free of charge from most municipalities.
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