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Subterranean Termites Live In Colonies In the Soil

Colonies can range in size from 500,000 to 5,000,000. Termites feed on cellulose or wood materials. Some of their food source is found in the ground, like trees, but they will also feed on your home.They work 24 hours a day and only need 1164 of an inch to invade your home. The annual loss due to structural damage by termites is more than $5 billion! The potential danger of termite damage to unprotected buildings is greater than ever, not only because there are more termites every year but also because much of today's construction is in previously undeveloped areas - the natural habitat of termites.

Steps to Signature Plus Termite Control Service

Detection of termite activity

termite colony in Dallas, TXABC will inspect your home for termites, termite damage, and foraging (mud) tubes. We will install monitoring stations around the perimeter of structures to serve as an early warning system. You buy a security alarm to protect your home or business from human invaders. With ABC, your home has a security system to warn it from termite invasion.

Treatment of termites

ABC will apply a liquid treatment zone in the area the termites are feeding. The materials that we use have both an ingestion and contact effect. Termites will unknowingly become infected when they pass through the material and will transfer the material to non-infected nestmates. Termites that have ingested the material can transfer the material to nestmates by sharing their food before they die.

ABC pest & termite control Termite inspection - Dallas, TX

Our Termite Control Assurance

Termites in DallasABC will return quarterly to inspect the monitoring stations and the structure to assure the termites are gone and if "new" termite intruders are detected, our process begins again. An important feature is that the Signature Plus Termite Control Service is an ongoing process. Even after the termites are gone, the ABC System stays on duty to help find any new colonies that may invade your property.line

The ABC Promise... The warranty we provide states that if termites come back...We'll be back.

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