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Henry & Jermaine did an absolutely superlative job! My lawn has not looked this good in years. They even helped me feed my dog her heartworm meds. It's wonderful to see young men this compassionate. They should be cloned. Before the crew left, they told me, "Anything you need, just tell us and we'll take care of it."

- Rae W.
How does the free consultation work?

We will send a lawn care specialist to survey your property, assess your lawn’s needs, and discuss your lawn care options with you. We provide an initial lawn care estimate free of charge to new customers.

Once we’ve made recommendations, you may select the type of lawn care you want us to provide, as well as a date and time for us to begin. We can work with your schedule and you don’t need to be home when our team visits for regularly-scheduled service.

What is your process for fertilizing lawns?

We generally recommend six annual treatments to keep your lawn green and healthy through each of Florida’s seasons:

Early Spring

Your lawn is beginning to recover from the cold winter weather. We apply fertilizer designed to boost the recovery process.

Late Spring/Early Summer

Your lawn is ready to grow! We will make sure your lawn has the nutrients it needs as it transitions into Orlando’s hot summer season.


Heat is not a lawn’s friend, especially the kind of heat that hits central Florida in the summer months. A second round of nutrient treatments will keep your lawn going strong.

Late Summer/Early Fall

Winter might not be here yet, but we believe in planning ahead. Now is the time to apply treatments to control weeds and nutrients to help your lawn prepare for colder weather.


Your lawn needs to rest in preparation for next year. We will help your lawn—and you—rest easy with treatments that keep weeds from sneaking in and make sure your grass gets the most out of its downtime.

What else do you do to the lawn during service?

We will keep your lawn healthy. This means making sure it is receiving enough nutrients while keeping potential threats away:

Lawn fertilization

We can provide seasonal fertilization treatments to ensure that your lawn receives enough nutrients, even in drought conditions.

Lawn pest control

Orlando is home to a wide range of insects and other pests that can threaten your lawn’s health. This includes cinch bugs, which feed on your lawn, and fire ants, which create unsightly and dangerous ant mounds, as well as fleas. We can eliminate all these pests to keep your family and your pets safe.

Shrub care

In addition to your grass, we can keep your shrubs and bushes fertilized and protected.