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Don't Let Orlando's Rodent Population Invade Your Home

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Most homes in Orlando are located near a body of water. They're peaceful, serene...and a huge draw for rodents.

Due to the warm climate in Orlando, rodents find themselves living the easy life. Homeowners that try to lay traps might successfully catch one or two rodent invaders, but will ultimately fail to eliminate the real problem: access to the home. There are plenty of entry points that the typical homeowner may be unaware of. Some rodents can reproduce and infest a building quickly. And even if you remove a rodent or two successfully, there are always more waiting outside to move in as soon as space opens up.

The danger of rodents -- large and small -- is their ability to damage property and carry diseases. Rodents will wreak havoc on electrical wiring and insulation, making your house less energy efficient while leaving behind disease carrying waste.

Some diseases that rodents carry include:;

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome: a virus born in rodents that can be contracted through inhalation of rodent urine or feces particles

Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCM): a virus that can be inhaled or ingested by humans from rodent droppings.;

Rat-bite fever: a bacteria transmitted through rodent bites and scratches or ingesting water or food that has been infected by rodent waste.;

Leptospirosis: a bacteria that can only be transferred by ingesting food or water contaminated by rodent waste.;

Rodents can also be carriers of other pests, especially fleas and ticks. For this reason, a rodent infestation can quickly become a pest infestation, which is why it's incredibly important to call in a professional to assess the situation as soon as you spot rodents in your home.;

Skunks -- Smelling up Orlando

Skunk ControlSkunks pose a problem in the Orlando area, where lots of homes have front and back porches. Skunks like to make their homes underneath your decks, where they can hide until their feeding hours. These aren't the most destructive rodents -- property-wise -- but nobody wants to get sprayed by a skunk, or deal with a pet that has been sprayed.

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Mice -- Orlando's Smallest, Sneakiest Rodents

Mouse ControlSmall rodents like mice are quite content to live in your walls and cupboards, share your food and water, and can fit through holes the size of your thumb. They're great hiders, and will rarely sneak out when you are active. Instead, they lurk unnoticed at night, feeding on fruits, grains, pet food, bird seed, and anything else accessible in your pantry.

Mice use trails of urine and feces to help them navigate in the dark, leaving you vulnerable to disease. They will also chew through electrical wiring. If you see one mouse inside your home or apartment, chances are good that there are more. Mice reproduce quickly and in great numbers.

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Rat Control

Rat ControlRats are just as happy as mice to live in your walls or attics and eat food in your pantries. In fact, they're so common in attics that one species of rat that lives in Orlando is called the the "Roof Rat" because they climb up trees that lean on your home to find entry points into your attic. From their hiding spots, rats can cause a lot of damage to your property. They will primarily rip up insulation and wiring, which reduces the efficiency of your home.

Rats also pose a health risk and carry diseases that can be harmful to humans and pets. If you're unsure whether your rodent is a mouse or rat, pay attention to its size. Rats are larger and have tails about twice as long as their bodies.

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Raccoon Control

It is common to find raccoons roaming residential streets all across Orlando. These animals are around the same size as a medium-sized dog, and forage for food in the evening hours. They can cause damage by rummaging through garbage and tearing up bags of pet food.

While raccoons will typically keep their distance from humans, they may continue to return to the same property if they keep finding food there. For this reason, we recommend that homeowners tightly tie off their garbage bags and keep pet food indoors.

It is very important that untrained people do not attempt to handle raccoons. These animals can carry rabies, which is serious health concern to both animals and humans. If raccoons are a problem on your property, ABC's wildlife experts will set live-animal traps to catch and release them.

Squirrel Control

You might be wondering whether or not squirrels can really be a nuisance. Squirrels are cute rodents. But they can also cause a lot of property damage if they decide to live in your attic. This gives them access to the insulation in your walls, as well as the electrical wiring. If a squirrel gains access to your home, it can leave behind disease particles, too. Our specialists can safely and humanely trap and remove any squirrels from your home.

Controlling Snakes and Other Reptiles

Snakes and other small reptiles love the Orlando climate. But these animals can bite and should be handled by professionals. If you find a snake or have another reptile problem on your property, a trained ABC inspector can take care of the issue. The inspector will come out to your property and determine a plan of action to remove the animal.

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