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I had to let you know what a joy the lights brought to everyone who saw them. They were a pure delight.  You are a pleasure to work with. You kept your word, and I was very happy!

- Sandra B., January 2014
What kind of lighting displays can you install?

ABC’s Lighting Elves will install large C-9 or small mini Christmas lights (LED or incandescent - your choice), all around your home. We can run lights along the roof, as well as outline the fascia, chimney, windows, doors or archways, we use all-in-one gutter or shingle clips to attach the lights to your home, and we power them with heavy-duty 15 amp outdoor timers. We can also outline your yard with C-9 lights mounted on durable plastic yard stakes.

Do I need to have lights already?

No, ABC’s specialists provide the lights for you. Everything is custom cut to the proper length and there is never a "gap" or wad of lights hidden away somewhere!  We use high quality, commercial grade lights and most times, they're superior to what is available at the big box stores.

What happens when the lights need to come down?

Just relax and enjoy your holiday leftovers! ABC San Antonio will remove all decorations and box up the holiday lights for you to keep safe and ready for another easy installation next year.

How soon ahead of time do I need to schedule holiday lighting?

You can start the process for your holiday lighting at any time. The closer we get to the holidays the busier we are, however we will still do all we can to accommodate you. For first time installs, bear in mind that there must be time to come out and give you a proper quote, and subsequently do the install. We will do our best to accommodate any and all lighting requests, however, scheduling earlier is better. We even offer a discount for those installing early.

What happens if there's a problem or the lights quit working?

That's the best part, you don't need a ladder and tools, all you need is a phone. Call us and we'll be right back out to solve the problem - no extra charge!

Do you have insurance?

Great question! Yes, all of our lighting employees and your home & business are covered by ABC's liability and workers comp insurance, in the event of an on-site accident. That's a great question to ask other folks who may offer to install your lights.  Guess who's insurance has to cover them in the case of an accident and the company doesn't have it?  (hint: your insurance)