Rodent Services Overview

Florida has an abundant population of rats and mice. Although they can cause damage to agricultural crops, it is the economic and health impact in urban areas that concerns most homeowners. Over the years, populations continue to increase among Florida cities.

These rodents live in a variety of natural habitats as well as harboring in many man-made structures. They can easily co-exist with humans living in their walls and attics and sharing their food and water. They love pet food, stored bird seed, fruits that may left out on counter tops or anything else in the pantry. They are skilled at hiding in the structure during the day then finding ways to enter the living space at night to gather food. They often have passage ways such as holes in walls behind appliances, beneath kitchen cabinets or inside closets that provides them access without being recognized by the homeowner. They constantly mark their pathways with urine or pheromones as a way to navigate back and forth. Once they find a safe place in a structure, they live and breed there, having several litters a year.

Besides the physical damage their capable of like gnawing on doors, carpet, baseboards, furniture, sheetrock, siding, roof shingles, electrical wires, a/c ducting, appliance water lines etc., they also pose a health risk from their urine and droppings that are left behind on pantry shelves, food, food containers, counter tops and especially areas where they are nesting.
See rodent contamination.

Homeowners are often unsuccessful when trying to eliminate rodent problems. Trapping attempts usually fail due to the lack of knowledge of rodent behavior and feeding habits. Using poisons does not permanently address re-infestations and often creates odor problems. Entry points and damage are also often missed if not identified by an experienced professional.

An ABC licensed inspector can inspect your home, identify the rodent activity, identify conditions that are conducive to rodents, and design a program to eliminate the current problem.

Then, a trained rodent specialist will begin with an extensive trapping schedule to remove the rodents from the structure. Then your specialist will locate and seal all the possible entry points around the home and on the roof. Using a variety of construction materials ABC will seal all the places that would allow rodent to regain access in the future.

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