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I wanted to praise Gideon for how well he takes care of my pool. He is such a hard worker and the pool      always looks fantastic

- Judy T, August 2017
Do you provide free consultations?

Yes. ABC's pool remodeling specialists are available free of charge to survey your pool area and discuss what you'd like to get out of your remodeling project. We'll provide you with a complimentary written estimate after our in-person meeting and even work with you to break the job into stages if you want to spread the renovation costs over a period of time.

Why should I remodel my pool?
Pool Remodeling Austin

Pool owners generally plan remodeling and renovation projects to accomplish one or more of the following goals: 

  • aesthetic changes
  • maintenance and repair  
  • significant mechanical changes

Aesthetic changes can include changing tile or coping or maybe even altering the shape of the pool to an updated style or design. The sky is the limit when it comes to pool aesthetics.

Maintenance and repair is important when a pool owner has leaks, broken or missing tile pieces, non-
functioning lights and problems with safety features. For example, missing anti-entrapment covers on drains violate the Virginia Graeme Baker (VGB) Pool & Spa Safety Act or VGB Law.

Significant mechanical changes can include going from chlorinated to saltwater, adding greater
circulation volume, adding an in-ground spa or even adding a mechanical pool cover.

What are some of the most common pool renovation ideas?

ABC's experts can help you get the most out of your investment. Austin pool owners routinely ask us to perform a number of different types of projects, including:

Changing Tile At The Waterline 

Just as with many other parts of your home, pool styles change over time. Updating the waterline tile is a relatively small remodeling project that can go a long way to update the look of a pool. There are many modern and contemporary choices to choose from to suit your personal taste.

Energy-Efficient Equipment

Saving utility dollars by adding in new technology focused on efficiency is worth considering when updating a pool. A variable speed pool pump, for example, uses less electricity and often qualifies for energy rebates from a utility company. Other options can include solar-powered features, including lights and heaters.

New Decking

Maybe you have had your pool for many years and are need of pool deck renovations. ABC can custom design and install new decking or upgrade your existing poolside area. Pool decking needs to be safe, as well as practical and visually attractive. Plus, decking needs to be slip resistant so that it is safe for regular use.

ABC's customers can choose from a variety of options, including

  • Natural concrete
  • Colored concrete (which can include stamped patterns and other visual elements)
  • Aggregate
  • Acrylic stamp patterns
  • Concrete or stone pavers
  • Flagstone
  • Slate
  • Travertine
Should I think about pool safety along with renovations?

Yes. The time to think about pool safety issues is before a tragedy occurs. When you are renovating your pool, consider pool area access, which can include enclosures around your pool to prevent children or perhaps aging family members from entering unsupervised.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that pool fences are least 48 inches high with a maximum bottom clearance of four inches or less.

Residential pools should be upgraded to include equipment or devices that will
prevent entrapment, such as anti-entrapment drain covers on main drains.

Other examples of safety projects pool owners rely on ABC to execute include:

  • A fence around the perimeter of the pool and spa
  • Self-closing and self-latching gates
  • Compliant drain covers
  • A door alarm from the house to the pool area
  • A floating or mounted wave (motion) pool alarm
Will there need to be building permits when I remodel my pool, and will you help with those?

Depending on the scope of the remodel, permits may be required. All the work ABC performs will meet local, state and federal codes. Your ABC pool contractors will obtain all necessary permits and work with local permitting agencies to ensure timely inspection and approval of your project.

What are the benefits of a pool renovation?

ABC's pool remodeling customers tell us that they are happy they invested in their pool area for the following reasons:


Whether it’s drain covers or non-slip surfaces, a pool owner can gain peace of mind knowing that family and friends will be safe when swimming.


Whether it’s because you installed an energy-efficient variable speed pump or LED lighting in place of the incandescent lighting your pool was built with, your dollars go farther. Plus, if selling your house in the near future is a possibility, a beautiful pool in a backyard oasis can add dollars to your bottom line.

Extending Your Pool’s Life 

Just like maintaining your car or your air conditioner, a pool that's better taken care of lasts longer and causes fewer extensive (and expensive) repairs.


A newly renovated pool will remind you why you have a pool to begin with.

Can you take care of my pool after remodeling is complete?

As a full-service pool provider, ABC can help with routine cleaning and maintenance once your renovation work is done. Even better, we can help with backyard mosquito control, landscaping and lawn care so that you can spend more of your free time relaxing poolside.

Why should I choose ABC for my pool remodel?

Our pool renovation customers tell us that they appreciate that ABC can provide them with a wide variety of high-quality, reliable home services. They trust that ABC's background-checked, drug tested professionals will take care of their property as if it was their own. Our pool renovation experts have the skills and training to bring your dream to fruition. As a PHTPA-certified pool and spa operator, our team stays up to date on the latest industry advances and keeps your family's safety as our top priority. 

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