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Food Processing Services

Making sure you’ve earned your customers’ trust is your first priority, and that’s why our main priority is to earn your trust. We make sure we provide you with nothing but the best in pest and rodent control services, and you can be assured we’re equipped and trained to service your facility. First, we’ll inspect your facility and determine what your specific needs are. Then we’ll put together a comprehensive treatment program, appropriately designed for your business.

If there's a pest problem, our specialists can identify the type of pests you’re dealing with and also determine the best way to proceed and eliminate it.  We'll also determine if there are any sanitation practices or structural issues that may be contributing to your infestation.

Pest Control

Our expertly trained technicians will help you take care of any pest issues you may have, as well help make sure you stay pest-free going forward. You can be sure that we’ll do everything we can to help your facility remain free of infestations, as well as be in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Rodent Control

Rodent infestations can be a serious issue in the food processing industry. Our specialists are trained to identify and eliminate these pests quickly and efficiently, and we’ll use the most effective means possible to take care of any infestations you may have.

Lawn Care, Irrigation & Maintenance

Appearances are important. At ABC, we can help you maintain a beautiful lawn on your property with our regular mowing, weeding and edging services. We can also maintain irrigation systems to keep your grounds watered all summer long.

Landscaping and Tree Care

Count on us to keep your landscape in top shape. We provide landscape design and maintenance, including tree and shrub trimming, decorative gravel cleanup, and plant replacement.

Christmas Light Installation

Don’t forget us during the holiday season! ABC can decorate your property to capture the spirit of the holiday.

We Can Help You Pass Regulations and Inspections

ABC Home & Commercial Services does more than make sure your facility is pest and rodent free—we’ll also help your business pass all relevant inspections and meet regulations. We help bring industries into compliance with multiple inspections and standards.

We’re committed to helping you keep up with all the inspections and regulations for your industry, from the local level to the international level. We’ll help you stay compliant with any necessary inspections and provide all appropriate paperwork, documentation and reports.

Experienced Expert Technicians

We’re a member of many well-known and prestigious pest control organizations, and we always make sure we’re up-to-date on our training and best practices. All of our technicians receive continual training on the specific pests and service issues your business faces in our area. 

Additionally, we make supervisors and management staff available to answer questions and ensure your account is well managed and cared for.

The Role of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

At ABC, our leading belief for pest management is the practice of IPM – Integrated Pest Management. IPM says that there are a variety of practices that can improve pest management, before turning to the use of chemicals or products.

For example, ensuring that doors & windows are sealed securely all the way around, so that insects cannot enter the interior even when shut. Or ensuring that refuse bins are securely shut & sealed so that animals like rodents or raccoons aren’t drawn to the vicinity by easy access to food in the trash.

In fact, most visits by an ABC treating specialist will consist of inspection, monitoring and pro-actively ensuring that the customer’s premises don’t encourage pest visits by providing conducive conditions for pests to breed and thrive.