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3 Tips to Having a Pest-Free Vacation

After that nice cold winter we had summer wasted no time in letting us know we were still in Texas. 100+ degree days already and it’s only June! It’s defiantly vacation time .On top of that the bugs are moving and just like you they are looking to beat the heat. Here are a few thing you might check before you head out the door for cooler climates.

1. Security Lighting: Most people like to deter snoops and thieves by leaving exterior lights on while they are out of town. It may help keep the crooks away, but those same lights shine like a beacon calling bugs to your home. The longer the light shines the more bugs that come. And getting that many bugs together is too much of a temptation for hungry spiders. You’ve created your own little pest house party when all you really wanted to do is keep your home safe. Try changing out you light bulbs from a bright white bulb to a yellow bulb. Insects are not attracted to the yellow glow that these lights give off. Another tip would be to set you lights on timers. The less time the lights are on the fewer amount of bugs that show up on your doorstep.

2. Trash: This may be a no-brainer to some, but you’d be surprised how often people forget to take out the trash when they leave home for extended periods of time. Not only will you come home to a ripe smell, but you can expect some flying friends to have moved in as well.

standing water

You might want to dump out that birdbath.

3. Standing Water: Spend the shortest amount of time outdoors in the DFW area during the summer months and more than likely you’ll have been bitten by a mosquito. One of the mosquitoes favorite hangouts is standing water. To keep from buying stock in a citronella factory when you get home be sure you dump out any water that might go undisturbed. This includes bird baths, kiddie pools and pet water bowls.

There has to be something I missed. Anybody have other suggestions? Is there something you always do before going on vacation? Let’s hear from you!

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