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5 Common Myths About Air Conditioners Debunked

With summer in full effect, San Antonio homeowners are enjoying the benefits of cooler air thanks to their AC. However, there are several myths that continue to persist to this day that result in wasted energy and money.

Find out what they are and just how to keep your energy bill low while keeping your home as cool as can be in the high temperatures.

Leaving Ceiling Fans On Will Keep An Empty Room Cool

Ceiling fans move air around in a room, they don’t cool it. The cooling effect we feel is due to the wind being moved across our skin where our body temperature drops as a result.

We also feel that effect when we’re sweating and a fan is turned on. The air moving around the room helps the perspiration evaporate, taking the heat with it and helping to cool us off.

While ceiling fans might not cool, they are useful for circulating the cooled air from air conditioners allowing you to raise the temperature slightly and avoid overusing your AC unit. Remember to turn off all fans upon leaving the room to avoid wasting any unnecessary energy.

Turning Off An AC When You Leave Saves Money

While not as wasteful as leaving the AC on all day, turning off the AC results in your unit having to work more to cool down your home at the end of the day.

To help keep your home cool without wasting too much energy, invest in a programmable thermometer. Keeping your windows covered and increasing the temperature up by 10 degrees Fahrenheit will keep your home comfortable throughout the day.

Closing Vents In Unused Rooms Will Get Other Rooms Cooler

Most modern air conditioners are designed to cool down a home, so by closing the vents all you’re doing is keeping the inside of the vents cold.

Instead of moving the cool air to a room where it can be used, the air is simply bounced back and not distributed elsewhere in your home. By closing off the vents, you are also forcing the compressor to work harder resulting in your air conditioner wearing out quicker.

If you’re looking to cool down only a small area consider getting a ductless mini-split air conditioner. They don’t require ducts and are a solid option for those with a smaller home who are still looking to enjoy the benefits of cooled AC air.

Setting the thermostat lower cools down the house faster

An AC unit will run at the same, steady rate until it cools down your home to the temperature you selected on the thermostat.

Some air conditioners do feature variable speed air handlers, but most air conditioners only have two settings: on and off. Cranking down the temperature will only result in your AC working longer to cool down your home to that setting.

You don’t have to service your AC unit until it’s not working

Performing routine maintenance on your air conditioner will help prevent bigger problems down the road.

By waiting until it’s too late you risk having your system fail you during the weekend or late at night, which could end up costing you extra. Air conditioning maintenance is a must for those who are looking to have a reliable source of cooled and heated air throughout the year.

Waited too long to service your AC? ABC Home & Commercial Services offers AC repair services to give your home cooled air for the high San Antonio summer temperatures.

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