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5 Reasons Why Raccoons Don’t Make Good Roommates


Ripping the Mask Off Urban Raccoon Facts

It’s so easy to see raccoons here in San Antonio as just another urban animal posse, but their little bandit masks hide ulterior motives. Behind those cute faces lurk smart creatures determined to winter in your home. Procyon lotors (scientific name) make lousy roommates, and here are five reasons why.

1. Your Yard Is a Smorgasbord – You see a lovely lawn, well-kept flower beds and a healthy vegetable garden. Raccoons see an invitation to dig up the landscape, dine at will and ruin your hard work. They’ve learned that your yard sets out an easy buffet compared to foraging outside the city limits.

2. They Really Want Inside – Raccoons don’t hibernate, but they do slow down when cold weather moves in. Your warm attic makes a natural urban habitat, so they’ll rip off shingles and chew through fascia on their way inside. Outdoor garbage cans and pet food bowls take care of raccoon fast-food runs.

3. The Attic Makes a Great Nursery – The mating games start in February and run through August, so expect some raunchy raccoon action up in that attic. If you let them stay, they’ll shred the insulation, build nests and raise a family with as many as seven cubs by spring. Some litters only produce one cub, so you might get lucky.

4. Raccoons Get Bad Health Report Cards – They’re the picture of nature in all its innocence, but raccoons in the yard can infect family pets with fleas, parvovirus and roundworms. The creatures are unhealthy company inside the house too because their droppings can spread salmonella and leptospirosis through attics and crawlspaces.

5. Cute Doesn’t Mean Friendly – Don’t be tempted to think of raccoons as adorable Hill Country critters. You don’t see them very often because they’re creatures of the night, but raccoons aren’t interested in your company. They’re fearless, they bite, and they can carry rabies.

While we’re always happy to share pointers on controlling unwanted guests around the house, please don’t try to remove raccoons by yourself. Contact us first here at ABC Home & Commercial Services. We specialize in strategies that protect San Antonio homes from raccoon roommates, so just give us a call.

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