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5 Reasons Why You Should Map Your Irrigation System

While the amount of work that goes into setting up a lawn or garden irrigation system may tempt you to get it installed and be done with it, you should document the process. Even if your system works admirably for years and you never change a thing, knowing exactly where all the conduits and sprinkler control valves are will be helpful later. Read on to learn why mapping out your irrigation system with the help of a Houston lawn care specialist is such a good idea.

1. Ensuring Coverage Efficiency

Mapping things out before you start minimizes the water your system requires to keep your lawn healthy. This may not be a big concern, but if your area suffers a drought or implements summer water usage restrictions, your irrigation map will help you avoid watering the same place twice so that your plot stays green and pretty while your neighbors’ are fading.

2. Getting More for Your Money

Figuring out where all your trees and garden beds are in your irrigation system makes creating distinct zones for plants with different watering requirements easier. This will inform you where to use large-diameter pipes and wide-radius sprinkler heads. With proper planning, you’ll find it much easier to stay in control of your project’s budget.

3. Making Sure Things Work

Picking sprinkler locations is one of the most essential parts of mapping. Many experts (including our specialists at ABC) recommend that each sprinkler’s output area should overlap that of its neighbor by around 50%. This ensures that your watering efforts result in even growth.

4. Avoiding Other Installations

Mapping your irrigation system before digging is also the best way to avoid unhappy mistakes. You don’t want to wake up one day to discover that your sprinklers spray brown water all over your gardenias because you accidentally put a hole in your sewer outlet. Even worse, you could seriously injure yourself or others by hitting a gas line or underground power cable if you don’t have a map to cross-reference with your property plan.

5. Preparing for Future Projects

Your map will also serve as necessary documentation later on. If you decide to expand your tomato patch with a new drip irrigation system, knowing where the existing valves are will be helpful so you can tap off of one. Similarly, building pools and other fixtures will be much easier if you don’t have to guess where your irrigation pipes are. To learn more about planning your system correctly, let the ABC Lawn Care Specialists help today!


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