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5 Tips for Irrigation: Save Water and Money!

sprinkler istock1 300x199 5 Tips for Irrigation: Save Water and Money! picRemember when you were a kid and you had no idea that the lush, green lawn where you played baseball and turned cartwheels all summer took so much upkeep? Forget about mowing—the mere cost of watering the lawn is a surprise to many homeowners. Some homeowners are wasting water (and money) by using irrigation incorrectly. Have you ever gone for a walk in your neighborhood and dodged the sprinkler that was watering the street? How many people in your neighborhood have their irrigation system on constantly, even on a rainy day? There are ways to keep your lawn and garden from wilting without draining your bank account. Here are five:

1. Water wisely. Watering your lawn and garden efficiently doesn’t have to mean purchasing expensive equipment or becoming a self-sustaining hippie commune. Two habits that can help you conserve water are watering in the early morning and keeping the water where it needs to go. If you irrigate during the hottest hours of the day, much of the water evaporates before it has a chance to saturate the ground, leading you to use more water. Instead, water in the wee hours of the morning, when more of the moisture can penetrate the soil. In addition, make sure your sprinklers aren’t watering the house or giving your car a good washing. The more water that ends up on the street, the less that ends up where you need it.

2. Check your sprinkler system. If your irrigation system is malfunctioning, you could be paying more for your water bills than you need to. Make sure your sprinkler heads are aimed properly and that your system is not leaking. If you have your sprinkler system on a preprogrammed schedule, override it if it’s supposed to run on a rainy day.

3. Catch the drips. You don’t need a fancy rain barrel to collect rainwater. Keep a couple of large tubs in the yard, or position a few under your downspouts to collect extra rainwater. Use it to water your outdoor potted plants or vegetable garden. But make sure not to leave these full buckets outdoors and uncovered! Buckets of water can quickly become mosquito breeding grounds. Instead, pour the water just after a rain into plastic storage containers that can be sealed.

4. Water from below. Instead of watering from above, water your gardens close to the ground using irrigation hoses. Not only will this put the water closer to where your plants can use it, it prevents unnecessary evaporation and can help reduce disease. Get even closer to the roots by cutting off the bottom of a plastic 2-liter bottle and burying it in the garden. Pour water into the opening, and it will slowly seep down to your plants’ roots with very little evaporation.

5. Keep the water in. Once you’ve watered, keep as much of it near the roots of your plants as possible. Mulch your garden with wood chips, pine straw or newspaper. Leave grass cuttings on the lawn and don’t cut it too short.

These tips provide a good start if your objective is to save money. To take your love of your lawn (and your bank account) a step further, give us a call at ABC Home & Commercial Services in Bryan-College Station. We can provide upgrades, repair and maintenance for your irrigation system that will keep money in your pocket for years to come.

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