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7 Ways Dallas Commercial Landscaping can help your Business

Commercial Landscaping

Your company’s commercial landscaping is the first impression customers receive when they visit your company. As you may already know, a well-designed landscape can enhance your Dallas facility by creating a desirable place for your customers and employees to conduct business. However, well-designed landscaping provides more than just aesthetic value.Here are 7 ways Dallas commercial landscaping can be beneficial to your business and community:

  • Plants increase tourism revenues
    Interior landscaping at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, is credited for an unusually high (85 percent) occupancy rate. Guests willingly pay an extra $30 per night for rooms overlooking the jungle-like display, netting $7 million a year in additional room revenues. The city of Virginia Beach attributes, in part, their $52 million in convention revenue for 1994 to the landscaping efforts of recent years.
  • Views of plants increase job satisfaction
    Employees with an outside view of plants experience less job pressure and greater job satisfaction than workers viewing man-made objects or having no outside view. They also report fewer headaches and other ailments than workers without the view.
  • Nature increases worker productivity
    Psychologists have found that plants and green spaces provide a sense of rest that allows workers with access to plants and nature to be more productive.
  • Landscaping renews business districts
    Greening of business districts increases community pride and positive perception of an area, drawing customers to the businesses.
  • Landscaping increases property market value
    A 1991 study estimates that an attractive landscape increases the value of a home by an average of 7.5 percent, and reduces the time on the market by five to six weeks. The Wall Street Journal reported that landscape investments are recovered fully, and sometimes doubled, by the increased home value.
  • Good landscaping increases community appeal
    Parks and street trees have been found to be second only to education in residents’ perceived value of municipal services offered. Psychologist Rachel Kaplan found trees, well-landscaped grounds, and places for taking walks to be among the most important factors considered when individuals chose a place to live.
  • Landscaping reduces crime
    In a California study, landscaped areas were relatively graffiti-free, while open, non-landscaped areas were graffiti targets. Well planned and maintained landscapes are seen as safer than unmaintained plantings.


ABC Dallas Landscape Service will custom design a landscape program to keep your facility looking great season after season.


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Source: Diane Relf, Extension Specialist, Environmental Horticulture, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech and VA. State U.

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