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A Quick Guide to Year-round Edible Gardening in San Antonio

There’s nothing quite like a fresh salad of homegrown, handpicked vegetables or a main dish sprinkled with fresh herbs just cut from the garden. One of the benefits of living in San Antonio is that there are edible plants that can be grown at any time of the year. Knowing what to grow and when to grow it is a matter of doing some research on gardening in the region.

San Antonio is considered to be in Hardiness Zone 8 according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. The information listed below is based on the season during which the plant will be ready for harvesting.


  • Broccoli can be started in the winter and transplanted to the garden by February. The timing of the planting season for broccoli makes it the perfect vegetable to be enjoyed in the spring.
  • Cucumbers are sown in warm weather and harvested quickly. If you start as soon as frost is gone, you could harvest cucumbers several times throughout the spring and summer.


  • Tomatoes are typically planted after the last frost of the year during the spring season and are ready to be harvested in the summer.
  • Beans are another vegetable that can be planted after the last frost and harvested during the summer. Beans can also be planted throughout the summer for continuous harvesting.


  • Wait until the weather has cooled a bit and plant the herb cilantro. Cilantro can be continuously cut during the fall to add a fresh taste to a homemade salsa.
  • Pumpkins need to be planted when the soil is warm and require a long time to grow, so start them in the summer and harvest in the fall. Pumpkins can be used for decoration, but they are also extremely nutritious.


  • Kale can be planted in cooler temperatures starting in the fall and continuing on into the winter. Harvest the green during the winter months for a nutritious side dish.
  • Collard greens should be planted and harvested during cool weather for the best flavor. Growing in warmer weather gives the vegetable a harsh, bitter flavor.

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