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Add Some Seasonal Glow With Holiday Lighting


Make your home sparkle this season with creative light displays

The holidays are coming up fast. Are you ready to hang your seasonal lighting? Get started with these tips for creating a display that adds a little flair to your San Antonio neighborhood.

Pick a Theme

Start by deciding what you want to convey with your display. Do you prefer simple and elegant, or would you rather go all out with every holiday decoration you can think of? Are you aiming for a colorful look or basic white accented with accessories such as wreaths? What you choose will determine the type and quantity of lights you’ll need as well as any additional pieces such as frames or stakes.

Draw Up a Plan

Once you’ve decided on a theme, sit down and sketch it out. Decide where you want to hang lights and how you want them to look. Generally, lights are used to outline the main features of a home or wrap around trees and shrubs for a festive look. If you’re using other decorations such as inflatable lawn ornaments, plan where you want those to go as well. Choosing a central image gives you something to work off of and balances out your display.

Get the Right Lights

Using your theme and plan as guides, take measurements of all the places where you want to hang lights. Don’t skip this step, or you’re likely to find yourself running out of strands before your display is complete. Take your final measurements to a store or hit the Internet to get the lights you need. There are many different types and sizes available, from mini bulbs to large, rounded lights that catch the eye. LED lights are a great option because they’re the most energy efficient and don’t burn as hot as traditional lights. Be sure to choose lighting that’s rated for outdoor use to avoid damage from extremes of temperature.

Make a Safe Display

Before hanging any lights, test all of them to make sure there are no dead bulbs or bad connections, then unplug the strands and start putting them up. Utilize heavy-duty extension cords and multiple outlets to avoid overloading circuits in the house.

If you need help turning your holiday lighting plans into a reality, the professionals at ABC Home & Commercial Services can help. Request a free quote from our seasonal lighting specialists and watch your San Antonio home come to life for the holidays.

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