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Air conditioning rebates from City Public Service (CPS Energy)

City Public Service based in San Antonio is the largest municipally-owned energy company in the United States. CPS offers a wide variety of fuel options to suit any home or business, but they are also very environmentally conscious. They offer clean energy with technological advancements in solar power, LED lighting, clean coal and smart grid design.

City Public Service is constantly looking for ways to improve their customers’ service and the value of those services. One way they do that is with rebates.

Customers are constantly looking for more efficient energy sources that don’t damage the environment but still save them money. Buying an air conditioner that has a high energy rating is a good place to start if you want to save money on your energy bill.

CPS has several residential and commercial rebate options to suit practically anyone with an air conditioning unit!


As part of the Home Energy Rebate Program, an AC Duct Tune-up performed by a CPS specialist will get your air conditioner back to its maximum performance abilities. The technician can also tell you what services are needed for your system in the future and what rebates may be available. These rebates will be instant. You can see them on your invoice as soon as you receive your bill.

Air Conditioning/Heat Pump Tune-Up

The tune-up comes with a $75 rebate for refrigerant charge adjustment. This service ensures that your refrigerant is at the perfect level to be efficient and also improve the performance to the level you want it.

Coil Cleaning

Dirty coils can make your air conditioner run at a sub-par level. It won’t cool as effectively and will cost more money in the busiest months. This rebate can save you $50 on indoor coil cleaning and $25 on outdoor coil cleaning.

Duct Sealing

Ducts that have cracks or tears can let out lots of air and cost you a lot of unnecessary cash. These rebates can save you anywhere between $200-$500, depending on several factors that your technician can enlighten you about.

BPM Indoor Fan Motor

Brushless permanent magnets can greatly reduce the amount of energy your system uses when compared to a standard-type motor. CPS offers a $300 installation rebate for brushless permanent magnets.

For the following residential rebates, all you have to do is fill out the form on the City Public Service Website, and then a representative from the company will contact you to get you through the rest of the process. You are probably eligible for more rebates than you realize.


The CPS doesn’t leave businesses out. With the Commercial Opportunity Assessment, your business can potentially save hundreds or thousands on your energy costs each year.

Small Businesses

Small businesses can benefit from the CPS’s program designed just for them. This program offers incentives that can be obtained with lighting choices, HVAC systems, and refrigeration needs. To be eligible, your small business must qualify through the City Public Service and be located in or near San Antonio.

Civic & Government

The CitySmart program offered by City Public Service is in place to help civic and government agencies save on their heating and cooling costs. This program is available to local and national institutions, and it helps these groups identify where their buildings may be losing valuable energy while also guiding the decision makers in choosing the most efficient energy option for their building.

Educational Institutions

The SCORE program is specifically designed for schools and other educational institutions. Rebates can be obtained for lighting, HVAC, refrigeration and many other energy efficient practices. Any school is eligible, from kindergarten through college, as long as they are in the San Antonio area.

Commercial & Industry

Similar to the Small Business program, the Commercial Solutions program is designed with bigger businesses in mind. It helps larger businesses and industry buildings hang on to more of their energy. It’s estimated that a commercial building wastes 30 percent or more of its energy, but CPS can help them identify where that energy is going while offering rebates on many services.

As you can see, City Public Service is very interested in encouraging San Antonio citizens to be more conscious about the energy they are using. It offers these incentive and rebate programs, along with many others for heating, pool pumps and water heaters, to help lower residential and commercial utility bills.

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