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Alert the Pestparazzi: Mosquitoes Are Making a Big Comeback this Summer

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For the past few years, we’ve experienced instability in mosquito activity due to inconsistent rainfall. This year was different. Increased rainfall has led to denser summer mosquito populations. This year’s mosquitoes can be compared to obnoxious has-been movie stars who are making a gloriously successful comeback. Like yesterday’s faded starlets, they’ve been craving a second chance to steal your time and attention. Celebrities drain you by bombarding the national headlines with meaningless drama and publicity stunts. The bite of a mosquito drains you in a more literal sense.

How to Survive the Current Swarm

It’s important to protect yourself from this year’s thriving batch of mosquitoes. Not only can they ruin your cookouts and make you irritable and itchy, they can give you horrible illnesses like West Nile virus. Even your pets are at risk. Infected mosquitoes can transmit deadly heartworms to dogs and cats. Fortunately, there are many ways to defeat the mosquito’s agenda. When you spend time outdoors, apply insect repellent and burn citronella candles. If possible, wear long sleeves and pants, and close gaps in your clothing where mosquitoes can access your skin. Use screens to prevent mosquitoes from coming indoors. Keep windows and doors closed from early evening until sunrise, and restrict your pets’ access to your yard during these same hours when mosquitoes are most active. Equip your outdoor lighting fixtures with bug-repelling yellow light bulbs.

Stop a Comeback in Its Tracks

Any Hollywood star will tell you that a comeback attempt is futile when nobody wants you to make one. To control mosquito comebacks, prevention is key. To get a head start on crashing next year’s mosquito debut, remove all sources of stagnant water in your yard. Mosquitoes will lay eggs in standing water after only a few days. Never leave water in buckets, kids’ toys, wading pools, pots, pet bowls or other containers for more than one day. Clean bird baths and ponds regularly. Keep your home’s gutters clean, and check your yard for overlooked sources of pooled water such as leaky faucets, dripping air conditioner units and areas with poor soil drainage. To ensure that your efforts aren’t going to waste, encourage your neighbors to do the same.

ABC Pest Control Services Help Houston Homeowners Fight Back

If conservative measures aren’t resolving your mosquito problems, don’t despair. ABC’s systematic approach to mosquito control includes careful evaluation, reduction of breeding sources, biological control and direct treatment with our custom-designed mosquito misting system. Act now. Like fame, summer doesn’t last forever. Contact us today, and stop mosquitoes from taking center stage.

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