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Are Bugs Interrupting Your Time on the Playing Field?

Spending time outdoors playing sports can be a great way to stay in shape and have fun with friends and colleagues, but pests on the playing field can distract players and take away from the enjoyment of the game. Read on to find out more about the pests that can ruin an outdoor sports game.


Mosquitoes interrupt a game by buzzing around players, but the distraction may last into other games if a bite ends up causing significant itching. Repellents can help deter mosquitoes, and players should remember to take precautions because of the possibility of these pests spreading diseases such as West Nile.

Stinging Bugs

Insects that can sting are typically the most disruptive to a sports game. Players may be nervous about the possibility of being stung, and attention is shifted from playing the game to avoiding the insect in question.

Flies and Gnats

Flies are attracted to people because they like to scavenge various food sources that they commonly associate with humans. Unfortunately, this means that sports players often deal with a bombardment of buzzing flies on the field. The annoyance related to gnats is similar to flies. The bugs may be small in size, but the sheer number of gnats that tend to be drawn to a person at one time can make them the most distracting insect on the field. Getting gnats in your eyes can impair vision. They can also cause an immediate distraction if they end up in your mouth or nasal passageways.


Golfdom’s Turfgrass Trends notes that ants can cause trouble for golfers. Ant mounds can get in the way of the game, and ants that may bite or sting can be especially irritating.


Cricket matches suffer when an actual cricket decides to show up to the match. Crickets that are loud and active on a field during a match disrupt the game by distracting players with their chirping and jumping.

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