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Are You Hungry for a Tastier Landscape?


Give yourself a greener, healthier yard this year

When was the last time you changed your yard for the better? For many folks in the Bryan and College Station areas, the green space around the house is a place to gather, play with pets and relax on nice days. However, more and more central Texans are discovering the many benefits of yards and gardens that actually give something back. Learn how to turn your property into a health-promoting, money-saving produce patch.

The Benefits of a “Working Garden”

There are plenty of reasons to love a well-tended flower garden. It’s nice to look out the window and see splashes of color at nearly any time of year, and the birds and other wildlife that such arrangements attract can provide untold amounts of pleasure.

That said, there’s also room in many central Texas gardens for plants that bear fruit—literally. Some of the benefits of such a “working garden” include:

•    Fresh produce on hand throughout the growing season
•    Lower grocery bills
•    Many popular vegetable species are drought-tolerant
•    Kids love learning about farming

Some fruits and vegetables do particularly well in our neck of the woods.

Fruit-Bearing Plants That Love Central Texas

Fruit-bearing shrubs and trees typically require more space than dense vegetable plants. However, some types of fruit grow well in small plots, including various types of tomatoes and some varieties of warm-weather berries. For larger plots, cantaloupes and watermelons work well. Unfortunately, we’re a bit too far north for citrus trees.

Healthy Vegetables to Grow During Cool Weather

Frost often occurs between late November and early March in the College Station area. Fortunately, some vegetables grow more easily during the cool months. It’s best to plant these crops after the hottest days have come to an end. However, you should give them enough time to start growing before freezing temperatures arrive. Remember to check the weather forecast for advisories and cover your plants with frost blankets when necessary.

During October, home gardeners can plant a variety of hardy vegetables and the soil protects these veggies from cold nighttime temperatures. Although it’s generally wise to sow them by mid-October, you can begin to grow several other edible plants in October or November:
•    Garlic
•    Mustard
•    Turnips
•    Spinach
•    Beets
•    Radishes
•    Carrots
•    Onions

Find Affordable, High-Quality Landscaping Service in Bryan-College Station

What are you planning on planting in your garden this year? No matter what you decide, you can count on the friendly professionals at ABC Home & Commercial Services to connect you with top-tier landscaping services at the region’s fairest prices.

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