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Attention Homeowners: Don’t Ignore Your Trees!

If we are being honest with ourselves, many homeowners only think about the trees in their yards when they become a nuisance. The roots have grown under a concrete patio and created cracks, dead tree limbs are threatening our roof or our outdoor space, or worse yet, the limbs are touching power lines, presenting a possible fire hazard.

In actuality, the trees in our yards deserve much more attention from us, as they are the lifeblood of our yards. They absorb and trap harmful carbon dioxide in the air, preventing it from reaching the earth’s upper atmosphere. The trees’ root systems help prevent soil erosion, and best of all, trees provide much needed shade on a hot Texas summer day.

Lack of specific knowledge when it comes to taking care of our trees can cause irreversible harm to them, leaving them susceptible to diseases and weakening them to the point where one stiff wind could cause them to topple. It is for this reason that tree care should be left to professionals.

According to the Austin Parks and Recreation Forestry Division, the first five years of a tree’s life are the most important. While all tree owners should learn the ins and outs of proper tree care, important maintenance of our trees such as proper planting and pruning procedures should be left to the experts so that nothing is left to chance.

According to the experts, trees become dormant in the winter months. Knowing what branches to cut, where to cut near the trunk of the tree to avoid irreparable harm, and how to do the cutting in order to inflict the least amount of stress on your tree is very important.

When you consider the amount of money you could lose when an improperly cared for tree topples onto your roof or car, it makes sense to pay a reasonable fee to let an expert take care of clearing away dead branches and treating your tree for disease or insects.

There are many Austin lawn care and maintenance companies that provide tree care services; however, it is important to choose one that is certified through the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) to assure your trees get the expert care they require for long and healthy lives. ABC Home and Commercial Services offers certified expert tree service for all your Austin landscaping needs.

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