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Home Maintenance Checklist

Home maintenance checklist

When it comes to taking care of your house, there are so many things to think about. It’s easy for homeowners to get overwhelmed by all of the work that come with protecting your biggest investment. What are a few things you can do every month to maintain your home? Whatever month you are in, we have a home maintenance checklist printable to keep you on track.

Home Maintenance Checklist

As homeowners, time may be our most valuable resource. With that in mind, how can we best spend our precious free time taking care of our homes?


Prepare for warm and rainy spring days

It may feel like winter now, but warm days will be here before you know it. Time to repair or replace any damaged window screens. While you’re at it, inspect your roof for damage to shingles and flashing, especially areas that might have been pulled up by the wind. … Read Full Post »

How To Save On Energy Costs This Winter

winter energy saving tips

Depending on the weather, your home, and your heating system, winter can be a time of year when your utility costs go up. When thinking about your energy bills in the winter, there are a number of things you can do to keep your heating (and in warmer parts of the country, sometimes your air conditioning) costs low throughout the season.

How to Save on Energy Costs This Winter

Read on to learn how to put winter energy saving tips to work to reduce your utility bills.

Maintain Your Equipment

Your HVAC unit needs occasional attention to make sure it’s running at peak efficiency. It’s a good idea to schedule an annual inspection with a licensed heating and air conditioning technician. Experts such as the ones we have at ABC Home & Commerical Services can take a look at the unit’s coils and connections. They will check your vents and test your equipment … Read Full Post »

Fleas Driving You Crazy? Try These Natural Flea Killers

Natural flea killer

In warm climates, fleas are a year-round problem. Even as autumn comes upon us with cooler temperatures, fleas will hold on until the first frost, and if they’re comfortable inside our homes, they might never leave.

What’s worse, fleas are difficult to control. To get rid of them for good, you’ll need to treat your pets as well as your house and your yard. You’ll need to adopt an approach which allows you to kill both adult fleas and their eggs, preventing them from returning.

Natural Flea Killers

There are some ways you can tackle a flea infestation without resorting to dangerous chemicals. Let’s take a closer look at how fleas can become a problem, how you can make your own natural flea killer, and how you can get rid of these pests, once and for all.

Why Are Fleas Such a Problem?

Fleas are small insects that live on mammals, including dogs, cats, and … Read Full Post »

What Temperature Should You Set Your Thermostat In Winter?

What temperature to set thermostat in winter when away

Summer is over for another year, and that means that Austinites can finally unpack their sweaters and fuzzy socks. While we have a shorter and more mild winter than many of our friends to the north, that doesn’t mean we don’t need to keep our homes warm in the winter. A common question most people have is what temperature to set the thermostat when they are away, whether that means you are simply at work or if you are on a trip. It can be difficult to know what temperature to leave an empty house in the winter.

Temperature to Leave Your House in Winter

Below are some tips for saving energy while keeping your house comfortable year-round.

Ideal Temperatures for your Home

Setting temperatures for your home seems simple, but it can actually be a bit of a balancing act between comfort and HVAC efficiency.

According to Consumer Reports, if you want to save … Read Full Post »

How To Grow a Drought Tolerant Lawn

Keeping your grass green and healthy can be a struggle in parts of the country which regularly experience drought. In these regions, there may be only small fluctuations in climate between seasons, and the summer months can be extremely hot. While the mostly steady climate is reliable and livable for residents, months of dry, rainless days can be taxing on your lawn and garden.

How to Grow a Drought Tolerant Lawn

For homeowners looking for ways to grow a more drought tolerant lawn, there is hope. Read below to learn what you can do to improve your lawn’s resistance to drought.

Water Effectively

It may seem counterintuitive, but overwatering your lawn can do more harm than good for your grass and plants. Watering your lawn several times a week—something many homeowners do—can prevent your lawn’s roots from growing deeper in the soil. In other words, overwatered roots only grow a few inches into the … Read Full Post »

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Moths

best way to get rid of moths

Moths can be a mystery to homeowners. To determine the best way to get rid of moths, you’ll need to learn how to identify the types of moths and eggs you might be seeing in your home, how to prevent these bothersome insects from damaging your home, and how to treat your home to get rid of these common household pests.

Where Do Moths Come From?

Moths generally make their way into your home in product packaging you bring home from a store or warehouse. Some moths may hatch over time in items which you have stored for an extended period of time, like birdseed. Usually, an infestation in your closet can be traced back to a single article of clothing (so wash that sweater from the thrift store before you put it in your closet!)

Identifying and Treating Pantry Moths and Larvae

Some common moths you may have in your home are pantry … Read Full Post »

Choosing An Eco-Friendly Fertilizer For Your Lawn

environmentally friendly lawn care

It seems like everything is organic these days. No matter where you go—restaurants, soap shops, farmers markets, and even clothing stores—the word organic is used to describe the product being sold. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Time and time again, the benefits of buying organic have proven beneficial. When you buy organic products, you’re making an effort to avoid pesticides, genetically modified organisms, and growth additives. And while buying organic usually refers to the food we eat, its benefits can be noticed in other products as well, like your lawn fertilizer. More and more homeowners are choosing environmentally friendly lawn care over other alternatives.

Choosing An Eco-Friendly Fertilizer For Your Lawn

At ABC Home & Commercial Services, we strive to care for your lawn in a holistic way. This includes choosing the best products on the market. And while we’ve used a variety of products to care for lawns in the … Read Full Post »

How Organic Fertilizer Can Save You Money

The word organic often evokes a negative reaction from consumers. While the benefits of organic products and lasting impacts on one’s health and the long-term effects they have on the environment are positive, many are quick to assume that the higher prices don’t outweigh those long-term outcomes. When it comes to your lawn, the benefits of organic fertilizer, even from a cost perspective, are worth the investment.

How Organic Fertilizer Can Save You Money

When it comes to your lawn, your health, and the environment, it’s important to consider the long-term consequences of the products you choose. When you are evaluating the pros and cons of organic fertilizer, cost is certainly a consideration. And while the initial costs of organic fertilizers might be more expensive, using organic fertilizer today will help you save money tomorrow.

Fertilizers made from synthetic materials may achieve short-term results, but organic ingredients allow plants to absorb nutrients … Read Full Post »

Things to Do for Christmas in Bryan and College Station

Things to do for Christmas in Bryan College Station

There are so many preparations that go into creating a festive holiday season. Between decorating your home, stocking the pantry with your family’s favorite goodies, and making trips to the store, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Have you ever felt like December just comes and goes in a blink of an eye?

As you tackle your long list of holiday to-dos, we want to ensure you enjoy all the fun there is to be had as well. Whether you prefer something active or taking a stroll under a canopy of lights, there’s plenty of things to do for Christmas in Bryan, College Station, and the surrounding area that your family will love.

Things to Do for Christmas in Bryan and College Station

Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites holiday events in the area and a few new additions to our calendar this year.

Santa’s Wonderland

Our list wouldn’t be complete … Read Full Post »

San Antonio Christmas Events

San Antonio Christmas events

December is one of our favorite times of year here at ABC Home & Commercial Services. For starters, Christmas is in full swing with classic Christmas songs playing on the radio, baked goods aplenty, and holiday cheer on our faces. 

San Antonio Christmas Events

With all the holiday spirit in the air, we want to share some of our favorite San Antonio Christmas events. So grab your Santa hat and a handful of candy canes, because these are the 2016 San Antonio holiday events you won’t want to miss.

See The Lights

San Antonio has a number of Christmas light parks and celebrations to choose from. Don’t worry if you haven’t to these displays yet. Many events carry on into the New Year as well.

Santa’s Ranch

This Christmas light park is located in New Braunfels, Texas, about 15 minutes north of San Antonio. Santa’s Ranch, a one-mile drive-thru park, has over 1 million lights and … Read Full Post »