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Mosquito Bite On Foot: Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Ankles?

why mosquitoes bite feet

Stepping outside during certain times of the year requires a layer of clothing and mosquito repellent—otherwise, you risk getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. Even when you spray yourself down, you still may find yourself complaining to friends and family, “I have a million mosquito bites on my foot!” and asking yourself, “Why Do mosquitoes bite ankles?” Why is it that these pesky critters always seem to find us and bite that one spot that we missed? Researchers have been studying the behavior of mosquitoes to see what repels and attracts these biting bugs.

Why Is There A Mosquito Bite On My Foot?

According to a story on National Public Radio, researchers at the University of California, Riverside have learned that mosquitoes use specific sensors near their mouths to determine the presence of carbon dioxide. If carbon dioxide is in the area, mosquitoes assume that humans or animals that provide the blood they … Read Full Post »

Data-Driven Mosquito Remediation

data driven mosquito remediation

Scientists are biting back against mosquitoes in Texas

Are mosquitoes getting you down? Not only are they an itchy menace, but mosquitoes can also carry diseases.

Because of the threat to human health, scientists are searching for new ways to reduce mosquito populations. Researchers from around the country, including some at Texas A&M in Bryan-College Station, want to find alternatives to pesticides, which kill beneficial insects and pose health risks to both animals and humans. Even worse, pesticides present only a temporary solution since mosquitoes can develop resistance to their effects.

These entomologists and epidemiologies study both the mosquitoes themselves and mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile and Zika, in a quest to discover better ways we can protect ourselves from mosquitoes.

Mosquito diseases

While the threat of the West Nile virus has worried doctors for a while, now Texas also needs to worry about the Zika virus. So far at least 27 cases have … Read Full Post »

Are There Pet-Safe Bug Bombs or Pest Control?

pet safe bug bomb

We look forward to the warmer times of the year since that often means time spent by the pool, backyard barbeques and longer days. Unfortunately, it is also the time when many outdoor invaders find their ways into homes. From ants on our counters to mosquitoes in the yard, insects are often a big problem in the warm spring and summer months.

It’s easy to pick up a can of bug spray and zap the pesky critters, but what do you do when you have pets around? What if you have a new puppy or suddenly start seeing roaches or rodents? Instead of reaching for the poisons or bug bombs, there are some great pet-friendly alternatives that will help keep you and your family (including the four-legged members) pest-free this summer.

What is Pet-Friendly Pest Control?

Pesticides are especially hazardous to pets for a variety of reasons. Animals are more likely to be on … Read Full Post »

Summer Air Conditioning: How To Get Your AC Unit Ready

Summer Air Conditioning

As summer approaches and the days get warmer, you’ll want to know that you can turn on your air conditioner for a little relief.

Before sweltering temperatures are here to stay, make sure you perform some basic summer air conditioning maintenance tasks to make your HVAC perform its best during the peak season.

Replace Dirty Air Filters

The warm weather in Texas forces residents to use about three times as much energy on air conditioning when compared to the average U.S. household.

Replacing your air conditioner’s filter is one of the easiest things you can do to help save on your energy bill. Excessive dust in the house can cause a dirty filter, making it difficult for the system to blow air. The harder your air conditioner has to work, the more money you spend on electricity.

Clean The Evaporator Coils

Your air conditioner uses evaporator coils to remove heat and moisture from the air. If the … Read Full Post »

Where Do Roaches Hide? Playing Cockroach Hide and Seek

where do roaches hide

Roaches are excellent at hiding. When it comes to fight or flight, this family of insects has evolved to excel at dodging attempts by humans to somehow squish or squash them. That’s why cockroaches have managed to remain one of humanity’s biggest pest problems for centuries. In fact, the cockroach family has thrived here on Earth for over 300 million years!

During the day, you rarely spot one of these creepy crawly creatures, but at night, you can often find them in your bathroom or running across your kitchen floor. This Houdini-like ability to disappear often elicits the same question: where do roaches hide?

Roaches: Nature’s Best Escape Artists

Almost 70 species of cockroaches are found in the United States, and most of those rarely make their way inside our homes. Unfortunately, once you see one roach, chances are that there could be tens or hundreds that you haven’t seen. The most common … Read Full Post »

Outdoor AC Unit In Rain: How To Protect Your Air Conditioner

Outdoor AC Unit in Rain

With periodic hail, flooding and other types of inclement weather, Texas homeowners can find it a challenge to keep their living spaces comfortable. Many of us rely on our HVAC systems to keep us cozy indoors as spring wind and rain bring colder temperatures and keep us cool during a summer thunderstorm.

But while your family might be safe inside, your HVAC unit may not be.

Hail wreaks havoc on vehicles, windows and roofs. Your outdoor HVAC unit is also at risk of damage as well. What should you do with your outdoor AC unit in rain? Here are five tips to keep your HVAC working through the harshest of storms.

Cover Your HVAC

Two of the biggest enemies for HVAC units are hail and debris. If a hailstorm or heavy winds are in the forecast, place a thick canvas cover on your HVAC system. This will provide protection during the storm and allow … Read Full Post »

Hot Weather Tips: How To Keep Cool Without Your AC Running

hot weather tips

When temperatures climb, many homeowners start to get their air conditioners in working order to prepare for the heat. Fighting back against the warm embrace of sunlight trickling through the window blinds with a refreshing blast of air is a feeling many cannot go without, especially in the middle of a notoriously sweltering Texas summer.

The modern comfort of an AC might be a welcome treat for many, but how do people without air conditioning get through those blazingly hot days?

While opening windows at night to cool down is arguably the most common way to beat the heat, there are many more interesting ways for people to keep their cool as the mercury goes up. While some of you may be asking how to make an air conditioner colder, we understand that summer air conditioning can be costly. Check out our hot weather tips below to cut down on your home energy … Read Full Post »

The Very Best Mosquito Repellents

learn the best mosquitoes repellents

Warm weather is just around the corner, and that means mosquito season is not far behind. These pests can be a real nuisance! Worse yet, in some cases, mosquito bites can even make you sick. Below, we’ll look at some of the diseases carried by mosquitoes and then we’ll offer our picks for the very best mosquito repellents.

Why should you be concerned about mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes aren’t just a nuisance. They can carry diseases that can affect you and your family. In the Corpus Christi area, the biggest concern for mosquitoes is the West Nile virus, with July 2015 marking the first confirmed cases in the area. Lately, the media has also been reporting on the Zika virus, which has spread to Brazil and may be causing microcephaly, a birth defect that affects the development of an infant’s brain. The good news is that while there have been a dozen cases of … Read Full Post »

Is Your Air Conditioner Running Constantly?

air conditioner running constantly

If your air conditioner is working hard all the time, chances are that you are wasting money, that you will need regular repairs and that your AC’s lifespan will be shorter than it should be.

Contrary to popular belief, shutting down your air conditioner or heater during the day is not the best way to save energy. In this post, we’ll discuss how to balance energy efficiency, the desire for comfort and costs to help you decide how often you’ll want your AC to be running during the day.

Should I Turn My Air Conditioner Off During The Day?

When you leave your air conditioner off during the day, you would imagine that the entire system doesn’t have to do any work, which would save you money in the long run. The problem with this conclusion is that your air conditioner actually works harder to bring your indoor temperature to a desired level … Read Full Post »

Heater Blowing Cold Air? How To Solve This Problem

Heater Blowing Cold Air

If your heater is on and blowing cold air, it is most likely an issue with either your thermostat or your ductwork, but the complexity of heating systems opens up multiple possibilities. We’ll explore some of the more common reasons heaters blow cold air so that have so that you have the information you need to contact a trusted HVAC repair professional to get needed repairs done.

Heater Is Still Warming Up

Whether your heater is electric or gas, heat exchange is not an instant process. It will take a while after turning your heater on to initiate all of the processes involved in creating and moving heated air throughout your home.

Your heater has to first collect and compress the air in your home, then heat it and expel the cold air. Heating systems work by heat exchange, which means that your HVAC system returns the cold air to the outside of … Read Full Post »