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Bed Bugs and Babies

All parents want to protect their children from the dangers of the world around them, but sometimes these hazards are not immediately visible or expected. One of these dangers is bed bug infestation, particularly in your baby’s nursery. Bed bugs feed on human blood and are notoriously difficult to remove, especially in environments where children are present. Bed bug bites can cause itching and discomfort in both babies and adults.

Fortunately, ABC Home & Commercial Services specializes in safely and effectively removing bed bugs in Austin (as well as other ABC locations) with advanced, low impact solutions.  Heat remediation and K-9 bed bug detection are the greenest and most efficient methods proven to eradicate bed bugs in homes and commercial establishments. ABC’s certified team of professional pest control experts utilizes these techniques to ensure that all of their Austin customers are safe and satisfied.

Getting rid of bed bugs in Austin doesn’t have to be a difficult and complicated task. In fact, ABC makes every step in the process simple and easy. When the infestation is detected and confirmed, treatment begins quickly in order to prevent further breeding and hatching of eggs. The non-chemical method effectively kills bed bugs in all three stages of life, ridding your baby’s room and the rest of your home in a simple, one day treatment.

With heat remediation treatment, you will come home to an environment entirely free of not only bed bugs, but also the lingering odors and chemical residue associated with some treatments.

In addition to serving as an experienced pest control service, ABC Home & Commercial Services is also widely known for our Austin lawn service, a trusted source for landscaping, aeration, composting and irrigation for Austin homeowners since 1949.

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