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Best Tips for a Tick-Free Yard

Ticks feed on a variety of different creatures, including humans

Ticks thrive in damp, leafy areas with plenty of shade from the hot Texas sun. If that sounds like your yard, chances are that you’re about to – or already do – have a few new tenants, and they aren’t planning on paying the rent. Despite their tiny size, ticks can cause big problems, including the dreaded Lyme disease. While rates for new cases of Lyme disease are relatively low in Texas compared to other states, your health is too important to gamble on statistics. Here’s what you can do to transform your yard from a tick haven to a tick-free zone in any season:


Keep Your Grass Close to the Ground

Tall grass makes the ideal hiding spot for hungry ticks on the attack. The cover keeps them out of sunlight and out of sight while they wait to make direct contact with a passing animal – or you. To discourage ticks from settling in areas where you might accidentally walk into them, mow your grass on a regular basis.

Build a Barrier

If you live near a wooded area, prevent ticks from crossing over into your yard by making a do-it-yourself barrier out of gravel or mulch. Because they fear dryness, ticks are unlikely to travel over a path that puts them in direct sunlight.

Dry Out Wet Spots

Ticks much prefer a wet and cool environment than dry, sun-drenched land. To keep the moisture levels in your yard under control, let more sunlight filter through by trimming back low-lying shrubs and bushes. In addition to staying on top of landscaping, watch out for areas that are naturally prone to dampness. For example, greenery near stone walls or your home’s foundation is at a higher risk for attracting ticks because it provides both moisture and shade.

Keep Tick Carriers Out

Ticks don’t always arrive alone. Some hitch a ride on rats and other furry pests. If you want complete tick coverage, you’ll have to step up your outdoor pest control in general. To prevent rodent infestations, keep debris off the ground and always store trash in locked containers

Want to know more about tick prevention in San Antonio? Contact ABC Home & Commercial Services directly or visit our homepage for tips, information, and professional services.

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  1. Caleb Hart Commented ()

    Nobody wants to have pests on their property. They’re some of the most annoying things that are on this earth. Maybe I should do an investigation of my property. Hopefully I don’t find any pests ruining my stuff.

  2. Casey Jones Commented ()

    Thanks for the advice on making your yard less hospitable to ticks. Hopefully we don’t have as big of a problem with them as we did last year. I will be sure to dry out the wet spots in my yard. I might also call contact some tick control services.

  3. rose nickelson Commented ()

    Oh my goodness I hate bugs especially bugs that bite. So anything I can do to prevent them from getting in my yard or house I am all for it. I never thought about using gravel to prevent bugs. It will still allow plants to grow, but it is hard for bugs to live in it. I am going to have to look into getting some good gravel for my yard.

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