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Beware Counterfeit Christmas Lights!

As the holiday season approaches, many Texans will buy new Christmas lights. Sadly, there are a number of serious risks associated with purchasing and installing these decorations. Counterfeit holiday lighting products can cause fires and electrical shocks. Faulty power cords and slippery roofs add to the danger.

Dangerous Lights

Counterfeit Christmas lights usually have poorly manufactured wiring. Although the lights may function properly, the wires can overheat, melt or catch fire at any time. It is often difficult for shoppers to identify counterfeit Christmas lights. Fraudulent brand names, certifications and seals of approval appear on many of the packages.

A variety of retailers sell counterfeit Christmas lights. Some store owners aren’t aware that counterfeiters produce the lights. Such items remain common at discount shops, flea markets and online auctions. Occasionally, they also turn up at yard sales and thrift shops. Some vendors sell them on the street.

Non-counterfeit Christmas lights can also be dangerous. CNN reported in 2006 that over 2.3 million light sets were recalled due to safety hazards. A similar recall was announced in July 2012 involving 280,000 items. Additionally, many lights are only designed for indoor use. Some people accidentally use them outdoors.

Hazardous Cords

Shoddy power strips and extension cords also increase the risk of fire. A poorly made extension cord may not be able to safely deliver the electrical power needed to run multiple sets of lights. Many power cords lack brand names or retail packaging, so it can be difficult to identify the manufacturer.

Additional Dangers

People also suffer injuries in the process of installing and removing outdoor lighting by falling off ladders or roofs. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that Christmas decorating injuries sent over 13,000 Americans to the emergency room in 2010. This often ruins the happiness of the holiday season.

ABC Home & Commercial Services offers a safer alternative to outdoor lighting in Austin. We put up Christmas lights for home and business owners in Austin. ABC uses high-quality lights and power cords from reputable sources. Our well-trained specialists take precautions to prevent injuries and damage. We also offer Austin home improvement and landscaping services to improve your overall curb appeal that will complement your holiday outdoor lighting.

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