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Beyond Gnomes: Unique Lawn Ornaments That Make Your Home Stand Out

Personality in the yard doesn’t need a pointy hat

The best foundation for a landscaping display is a green lawn The short ones with beards are cute, but they’re reaching retirement age. Those graceful, pink flocks have seen better days. If you’re not ready to give up your gnomes and flamingos, move them to the shed and dress up your lawns with something fresh. Revive forgotten classics, create a little magic, or let nature do the decorating.

Complement With Traditions

Whether your San Antonio home reflects the grace of Spanish influence or sports classic lines and contemporary styling, a touch of tradition gives the yard special appeal. Stately gazing globes are the latest trend from an earlier time. These lovely mirrored spheres reflect the beautiful Texas sky, and their stands vary from marble pillars to wrought-iron sculptures. Old-fashioned whirligigs replicate the relaxing spin of windmills or the flight of your favorite birds. Pathways add an inviting look around the garden when you opt for a bright brick herringbone pattern.

Design With Nature

Topiaries are lively fun and their evergreen shapes last for years in brightly colored planters. Top off their pots with a layer of sand, fill in with stones and water, and create a special spot for butterflies to stop and catch their breath. Take advantage of your shade trees by letting their canopies act as natural shelters for pretty hummingbird feeders and bird baths. If you’re facing the problem of tree removal, turn that loss into an original piece of art. Tree sculpting is a creative alternative to saying goodbye to an old friend.

A change in scenery always makes your personal outdoor space more welcoming. Set those gnarled gnomes and pink flamingos free, and recharge the ornamental attitude in your yard. We love sharing ideas, so contact our friendly staff at ABC Home & Commercial Services of San Antonio for even more inspiration.

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