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Big Pests, Small Holes

What has sharp teeth and the ability to squeeze through a nickel-sized hole?

Mice and rats can squeeze through remarkably small holesYou’re probably aware of the better-known characteristics of mice and rats. They have distinctive ears, protruding snouts, sharp teeth, drab-colored hair and tiny claws. They also have voracious appetites for human food. You might not know, however, that mice and rats can squeeze through remarkably small holes, which can make it difficult to keep them out of your home.

How Small Is Too Small?

Rats and mice are able to squeeze through holes many times smaller than their bodies. While rats need a hole that’s equivalent in diameter to a half dollar, mice need just a nickel-sized opening to work their “magic.” Needless to say, that’s far too small for house cats to follow. Contrary to popular belief, these critters don’t have collapsible skeletons. They do, however, have extremely flexible bodies and loose joints that can easily accommodate tight squeezes.

Common Mice and Rat Behaviors

Although different species exhibit different behaviors, mice and rats generally follow predictable patterns. As prey animals, they tend to live in voids and crevices between walls or within storage areas that offer plenty of hiding spaces. Depending on the surrounding environment, they may hoard food or other items for use during lean times. They’re also prodigious maters, so a seemingly small problem can quickly spiral out of control.

Causing All Sorts of Problems

Once mice and rats squeeze their way into your home, what can you expect from them? Aside from the previously mentioned hoarding and rapid reproduction, look for droppings on your kitchen countertops, in your cabinets or along your walls. Check your moldings for signs of gnawing or scratching. Inspect stored containers of food for evidence of theft. If you have pets, pay special attention to their behaviors: Persistent scratching, sniffing or other strange behaviors can provide hints about where mice and rats are hiding out.

Dependable Rodent Control in Bryan-College Station

The news about rats, mice and other unwanted intruders isn’t all bad. At ABC Home & Commercial Services, we take pride in removing these unwanted pests wherever we find them. We also locate and seal possible rodent entryways and are committed to making sure they don’t return. To learn more about what we can do for your home, visit us online for a free estimate or call (979) 361-0500.

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