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Brown Spot, Rust and Fairy Ring: Can Your Lawn Survive the Onslaught?

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Finding patchy, unexplained grass death, weird rings or reddish-orange powder all over your San Antonio lawn can be disconcerting. Invasion by unusually small aliens or unscheduled irrigation courtesy of the Great Dane that lives next door might be among your first suspicions. Before you make tinfoil hats or plot revenge against your neighbors, you might want to consider these common fungal diseases as a potential cause.

Brown Patch: Is It Fungus or Fido?

Brown patch is commonly seen in Bermuda and St. Augustine grass. The visible symptoms of brown patch can vary by season and environmental factors. Circular or irregular patches of thin, light brown grass are typical. Lumps of dark brown, foul-smelling solids near the area may indicate that your problem is a mammal rather than a fungus. Treatment for brown patch includes conservative watering early in the day, good aeration and careful avoidance of over-fertilization. Fungicides are most effective as preventative treatments and are typically applied in the fall.

Fairy Rings: Tinkerbell Is Not Your Friend

Fairy rings may sound charming to those who have never dealt with them, but these don’t involve fluttery wings or magic wands. About 60 different fungi species have been implicated in creating the large dark green or brown rings, which may affect any type of lawn. Severe cases may produce mushrooms that sprout along the ring’s edges. Fairy rings are difficult to manage, but magic isn’t required. Vertical mowing, top-dressing, core aerification, fertilizing and the use of multiple fungicides can help.

Rust: Not the Lawn Color You Had in Mind

Rust looks a lot like it sounds. Bluegrass, ryegrass and zoysiagrass are commonly affected. Rust thrives on grass stressed by drought, low nitrogen content and shade. It appears as small orange or reddish-brown flecks that gradually enlarge to form pustules. As the disease progresses, the lawn thins, and infected leaves turn yellow. To manage rust, maintain sufficient nitrogen levels and avoid over-watering. Fungicides are also effective.

ABC Home & Commercial Services Can Solve Your Lawn Mysteries

Diagnosing and treating fungal lawn diseases can be tricky, but San Antonio homeowners don’t have to face the mysteries alone. Our highly trained lawn care specialists can pinpoint fungal problems during an initial inspection, and apply treatments as needed to restore your lawn to full health. Once the brown spot or other disease is under control, we’ll help your lawn look its best throughout the year. At ABC Home and Commercial Services in San Antonio, we stand behind our lawn services. Contact us for more information, or schedule service today.

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